Kicking the Bucket

Welcome to my 'Kicking the Bucket page'!

I have compiled a list of activities which I would like to do before...well...before I kick the bucket.
I don't particularly think I'm near doing so, however, this is my declaration of things which I, as an individual, would like to achieve across the span of all my breaths.

Things to Do Before I Kick the Bucket:

1. Visit Monet's House
2. Take a photo with the oldest red telephone box in the UK
3. Give money to neuroscience research
4. Watch Swimming at the Olympic Games in person
5.  Write a book
6. See my blog featured in a magazine
7. Dye my hair
8. Run in a marathon (can be a mini one)
9. See Honore Daumier's Third Class Carriage in person
10. Live in London (see here)
11.Go to Iceland
12.Go skinny- dipping
13. Take a ride in a gondola, in Italy.
14. Eat a Croissant, in France
15. Ride a horse
16. Go to Table Mountain (see here)
17. Go to Auschwitz
18.Watch the sunrise on the top of a mountain/hill
19. Pull an all-nighter
20. Hike in the Yellowstone National Park
21. Drink coffee, in Ethiopia
22. Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger
23. Do something nice for a stranger without them finding out
24. Give a speech at a wedding
25. Give blood
26. Be a New York Times best selling Author
27. Sleep outside (See here)
28. Live alone
29. Do a radio interview
30. Be on live TV
31.Visit all 7 wonders of the world
32. See a Rhino in person
33. Be a Bridesmaid
34. Get a degree
35. Get married
36. Have a child/children
37. Meet a member of the British Royal Family
38. Travel in Business/First Class on an international flight



  1. These are cool goals! Good you have a few of them ticked off and can probably accomplish all of them before you *kick the bucket*

    1. Thanks Skye!

      I hope to accomplish all of them... or atlas that's the plan.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving comment!

  2. I've read this before but I decided to check it out again since I have a similar post coming soon. I love how big some of these goals are (visit the seven wonders) and how small some are (dying your hair). I hope you manage to accomplish them all and I think you could probably cross off live in London now!

    -Em xo

  3. Ah! I'm so excited to read your post, Em!
    There is definitely a range of life goals on here- big and small.

    Thanks for reminding me! I guess that's one more to scratch off!

  4. love this! I think its a fabulous list! xxxxx


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