Sawubona,  Yeia Sou, Bonjour, Ola, Ciao, Namaste, Guten Tag, Hello!

Half of my name is Steph (the other half you'll never know... and that's not because I don't like you... on the contrary, I just really, really like semi-pseudonyms).

So...who am I?
As is convention, here are some personal quirky anecdotes about myself that you'll probably live happily never knowing about: I have a 'womb-mate'! I have a twin brother who very recently took away my 18-year-strong bragging rights to being the taller twin. I have dark, hazelnut coloured hair with streaks of gold in the perfect angle of light. Oh, I have massive teeth- or at least I think so, but, it is well complimented with a full-faced, off-white smile. I (temporarily) live in South Africa but I plan on (permanently) being a resident of the world. I spend a lot more time on the internet than I'd probably like to admit, but that led to this...whatever THIS is, which makes me okay with that.

 I am the proud owner of this blog, Social Spying.
Congrats on finding the doorway to my space on the inter-web; You are more than welcome to come in, browse around and maybe stay for a cup of tea!

About the blog:
I started the blog half way through 2015 as a response to an event in my life (see here) and I have been posting ever since...well, kinda- let's just say I have several posts explaining my long or short term absence, but that was a while ago. I seem to be back and sticking now- like gum under a shoe.

The blog doesn't have a definite style or type of content, but is very conversational in tone. Every week's post will be a surprise; one week it may be a review on either a book or a documentary and the next week it could be a personal anecdote.

I sign every post off with:
"Till next time-

as a promise that I'll always be back.

This is your official welcome to Social Spying! I hope you'll stick around!


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