Sawubona,  Yeia Sou, Bonjour, Ola, Ciao, Namaste, Guten Tag, Hello!
Half of my name is Steph (the other half you'll never know... and it's not 'anie'). I'm sure you'll find out one day...just not today. So, for now, you'll have to stick with my 'semi-pseudonym'- Steph.

So...who am I?
As is convention, here are some personal quirky anecdotes about myself that you'll probably live happily never knowing about: I have a 'womb-mate'! I have a twin brother who not-so-recently took away my 18-year-strong bragging rights to being the taller twin. I have dark, hazelnut coloured hair with streaks of gold in the perfect angle of light. Oh, I have massive teeth- or at least I think so, but, it is well complimented with a full-faced, off-white smile. I lived in South Africa for the first 18 years of my life and then up-rooted to move to London for uni.  I spend a lot more time on the internet than I'd probably like to admit, but that led to this...whatever THIS is, which makes me okay with that.

 I am the proud owner of this blog, Social Spying.
Congrats on finding the doorway to my space on the inter-web; You are more than welcome to come in, browse around and maybe stay for a cup of tea!

About the blog:
I started the blog half way through 2015 as a response to an event in my life (see here) and I have been posting ever since...well, kinda- let's just say I have several posts explaining my long or short term absence, but that was a while ago. I seem to be back and sticking now- like gum under a shoe.

I often ramble on about my multi-cultural identities, namely, what it's like being a South African-Greek. As someone once put it I seem to "enjoy the clash of the two cultures". I've also just become an international student in London, which basically means I'm going to get lost A LOT which I'll obviously write about, too!

I sign every post off with:
"Till next time-

as a promise that I'll always be back.

What you can do here:
My favourite thing in the world (after my cat, obvs) is to see that you didn't completely regret finding this blog. If you related to, loved or giggled at a post, I'd love for you to let me know. Alternatively, if you feel none of those things, I'd still like to hear from you- maybe we can talk things over?

This is your official welcome to Social Spying! I hope you'll stick around!



  1. I love your about page! It is so unique, lots of bloggers sort of copy the format of their about posts of other bloggers but yours is really unique!

    1. Unique is always what I'm going for!

      I really enjoyed writing this. Glad you enjoyed reading t!

      Thanks, Skye

    2. I just realised I probably used the word unique to much in that comment...

  2. Hello! I recently gave my blog a complete makeover and I only just saw your comment on one of my pages which lead to the discovery of your blog, which I'm absolutely in love with! Apologies for not getting back to you previously, but my favourite art movement is Post-Impressionism :)

    Nicole <3

    1. That's so sweet! I'll definitely head on over to your blog soon and check out the re-vamp!

      Thanks Nicole!

  3. Anonymous19 June, 2018

    Nice blog !


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