14 February 2019

Meeting The First Man I Met From Tinder...Again

The night after I wrote a post from the sanctuary of my bedroom called 'My First Kiss (One Year On) + Feeling Lonely, I wrote the text which follows:

Yesterday, whilst avoiding the local club and seeking refuge in my room, the thought of whether or not anyone noticed my lacking presence on the dance floor swept through my mind. It was a quick, passing thought but it was there. 

Today I found my answer. I ended up at a part of my university that I usually wouldn't have been. I ran out of class and went to a random bathroom a floor below from where I had had my previous lecture which is very unlike me. I took my time and even called my gran for a catch up. 

Whilst descending the stairs on the way out of the building, and still on the phone, a face from the step below me looked up. I had seen those eyes before. I quickly told my gran that I'd call her back and hung up. It was Henry, The First Person I Ever Met In Real Life From Tinder. We'd spoken a few times over text and in person since I first met him half-way through last year but nothing other than 3am failed requests for sex has come out of it. 

He was ahead of me on the stairs at our university but stopped at the bottom of the next floor and waited for me. He'd hate me writing this, but he didn't look suave and done-up like I'd always seen him on nights out. He looked like he'd gone out the night before and had a few drinks which made sense considering that it was the biggest sports night of the month where all the sports teams head out for a wild night on the town.

"Did you go out last night?" I asked although I didn't really need to. His hungover look told me all I needed to know. "Yeah, it was the first time that I'd gone out in a long time," he responded, lacking his usual cheeky smile.

Out of fear of inflating his already rather large ego, I didn't tell him that I knew he'd become somewhat of a recluse from the social scene. I'd looked out for him on nights out but was always disappointed to see that he wasn't there.

"I wasn't out last night, " I told him. Unexpectedly, he responded "I know".

I think I probably stopped dead in my tracks at this point. Half way between two steps. Someone had answered the very question that had swept through my mind yesterday. Someone had noticed my absence.

Till next time-


  1. Steph you've left us with such a cliffhanger! Also we haven't spoken in ages, hope all is well with you in all aspects of life x

    Sophie | Sophie's Spot

  2. So interesting! I love your writing style :)

    -Anna // https://theyoungeclectic.com


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