6 November 2018

3 Sentences To Keep People Out Your Business

In last week's post How My Life Has Changed in One Year, I detailed how over the last 365 days, I've transformed into someone I'm really proud of. I stand by this version of myself. I bolster her on the bad days and encourage her to jump off the highest spring boards of success on the better days. I've grown a lot. I'm a far-cry from the version of myself that I was in March or April this year, but I've already spoken about that so I won't go on.

During this past year, I've done my fair share of filtering through the people in my life- whether that's online or in the real world. My Facebook friends have diminished from over 500 to a little 300 (which is still 150 more than what I'd ideally like) and my Instagram is virtually non-existent; all 37 photos are archived and my display picture has been temporarily removed. On this blog, I'm definitely an over-sharer but I can't say the same about my non-blogging life.

Another thing that's changed this year is how I spend my time. I'm ruthless with it. I defend my free time like soldiers defending their territory. A big aspect of this is keeping people out of my business. I don't need people knowing what I'm doing, but, on occasion, when people do ask and I want to maintain my air of mystery, I offer up one of these three thought-through responses:

#1 That's classified information
"Steph, how's your dating life going?" has come my way once or twice recently, or "Steph, are you a virgin?". Unfortunately, the old me awkwardly stumbled around both of these questions. I could have saved myself the less-than-graceful faltering by simply answering "that's classified information".

Not everyone you know deserves to know everything about your life. You have a right to share only what you want to share- which seems obvious, but when you're caught up in the moment, it's easy to become wide-mouthed about things you wouldn't usually.

"That's classified information" works well if you're trying to be light-hearted, playful and James Bond-esque about what's going on in your life. Most people chuckle and move on or get the hint that I'm not sharing and quickly move past the question. I definitely recommend you try this out for yourself.

#2 Chasing unicorns and hunting dragons
This is a personal favourite of mine which admittedly I didn't come up with but I can't remember where I first read or heard this. This creatively magical phrase has gotten me out of questions like "Why don't I see you at parties anymore?" I don't have the hutzpah to say "because it isn't worth my damn time" so I settle for this imaginative alternative instead. Once again, people chuckle and move on, forgetting the original question entirely.

#3 Clashed with my plans for world domination
This folks is another one that elicits laughter which makes me think that all these sayings are ways to dodge and escape uncomfortable questions...which I'd argue is a good and a bad thing. Anyways, with that candour aside, this one is great for similar questions to the one above, like, "Why didn't I see you at (insert event here)?"

All these sayings are short and quirky but they do the trick if you're as non-confrontational as I am.

If you use any of these, I'd love to hear about it.

What do you say to keep people out of your business?

Till next time-


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  1. I love these hehe! I think I'm going to have to start saying them or stuff along the same lines, I'm so fed up of people just not taking a no for not wanting to go out as an answer

    Sophie | Sophie's Spot


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