23 October 2018

LIFE UPDATE: Tinder, University and Drinking

My twin brother and I on 20th birthday. Picture: Social Spying
I'm sitting in my university's library, particularly in my favourite spot next to the recreational reading section. I'm surrounded by books I've previously read, authors I've never heard of and some titles I wish I'd created and yet the words for this blog post are not flowing as I would ideally like them to be. I'm hoping that's something Stephen Fry went through when writing The Fry Chronicles, which is the book on my immediate right.
Anyways, it's time to catch you all up on my life since August.

The desire to blog has been non-existent until recently when I decided I needed to return, but that was more driven by guilt and seeing that my last post was on August 29 than the desire to write. I know that's harsh but it's the truth and that is something that has never been  in short supply on socialspying.com

Other than being sans words I'm also currently "hanging". That's code for hungover. Me. Steph. Hungover. Who would have ever thought. My current state is in direct opposition to the post I wrote called 8 Tips to Being Social at Uni Without Drinking Alcohol. So, I'm noting the hypocrisy and moving on. I've joined my university's Lacrosse team which had its 'welcome drinks' (which is a euphemism for initiation) last night and although no one at any point forced any alcohol into my throat, I wasn't exactly saying no... but don't you worry, I regretted it the second my head started spinning last night and even more so this morning. It's a few tactical chunders later I'm on the path to recovery. I've always wanted to be drunk-- just to see what it's like-- and I really, really don't like it. I can tick that university experience off my bucket list. Tick.

In case you didn't see 5 Things on My Summer 'To-Do-List', I had a social media free summer which I think partly explains my lack of Twitter presence and potentially blog presence. I've just made the Internet a non-integral part of my life. You, you don't count. The person reading this means a lot to me but I've gotten used to not sharing things about my life online and maybe that mindset has resulted in my blog's momentary desolation or maybe that's an excuse... I'm not sure.

I promised you all a follow-up post on 'E', my Tinder soulmate who is ended up being a Tinder dud and here it is: Instead of a full post (which I don't think he deserved) I've settled for a paragraph. After speaking sparsely over the start of the summer we decided that this was the year we were definitely meeting up. I cast all my fears and doubts aside and agreed to meet up at the end of the summer... just in case things went wrong and I needed to jet out the country. To cut a long story short, after I'd done my make-up and put on a really cute outfit, my sister and I started our trek into the Athens town centre to meet 'E', who kindly (read: savagely) messaged me an hour before we were supposed to meet, knowing I live far away, saying he couldn't make it. To add a personal touch to an otherwise impersonal message he spelled my name wrong. He followed up with "we should re-schedule". Five weeks have passed and I still haven't received a follow-up text.

I'll give this story a second paragraph but it's for you, the reader, not because 'E' deserves any more of my time and attention. Anyways, I'd un-followed 'E', on Instagram a week after not receiving a second text to meet up which admittedly I wouldn't have even answered. I logged into Instagram a few days ago to see I had a follow request. Any wild guesses as to who that may have been? A part of me contemplated accepting the request but luckily my self-worth showed up instead and I deleted the request. I think that's a sign of growth. What do you think?

In other news, I'm now 20-years-old which means my twin brother and I celebrated our 'twin-tieth' anniversary. It also means that all my social media needs changing. This year, I chose to celebrate with my nearests and dearests with a dinner and then a boogey at our local Whetherspoons, a pub in the UK, in true British-student fashion.

I'm back in the hustle bustle of uni life and London and I'm loving it. I'm in a really good place- bar the hangover. I've re-acquainted myself with my second home, the pool, and I've even managed to write a sports story for my university's newspaper. Go me! 

What's new with you?
Till next time-


  1. A belated happy birthday Steph! A go you for deleting that request, he doesn't deserve any more of your time!

    Sophie | Sophie's Spot

    1. AMEN TO THAT! Thanks for the wishes. They're still warmly received on my end!

      He definitely didn't get any more of it!


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