25 October 2018

Blogger's Guide to London Bridge*

I've been a Londoner for a little over a year now which makes me qualified to give you a Londoner's guide to the city I now call home, right? Obviously being the good journalism student that I am, I did my research of 'the top places to visit in London Bridge' and then proceeded to do everything in my power to stay away from every place or experience mentioned in those lists.

I caught London Bridge with the sun on full display. I'd argue it was even showing off a little bit. Whatever the weather, there are great hotels near London Bridge for you to stay at and have an experience just like my own- but with hopefully double the sun and triple the fun!

Family Day Out
As you all know, family is a big part of who I am as a person, so you can bet that I didn't waltz to London Bridge alone. I took my trusty twin brother, my unofficial bag and water bottle holder, and my Instagram-goals of a sister, my official photographer and picture co-ordinator, with me to experience London Bridge all together- and what an experience it was indeed!

#1 Bouncing Around Borough Market
Remember I said I scoured the world wide web for a list of things to do and then I swore I'd stay away from every single thing on that list? I lied. I couldn't stay away from Borough Market. As our sibling trio (which from here on I'll be calling Triple Trouble...because that sounds like a force to be reckoned with) walked out of the London Bridge tube station, we practically fell into the market. It was so close. We were like Alice in Wonderland; a few steps down and we were in a rabbit hole of Instagram-worthy foods and tantalising combinations that would make Gordon Ramsey envious, like burgers as tall as the Tower of London, freshly-sizzled mushroom stir fries, breads as gold as the sun's reflection on the Thames and freshly baked hazelnut brownies. Unlike Alice, we were in no rush to get out of this world we'd happily stumbled upon.

#2 Strike a Pose (...or Two)
Whilst walking around London Bridge keep on the look out for street art or other quirky elements for the background of what I promise will result in Instagram-worthy photographs. You could turn a corner and find a rustic brick wall dashed in orange hues and then turn the neighbouring corner to find a wall which could fool you into thinking you really are Alice in a fantasy world. Hopefully, you have your own equivalent of Triple Trouble who can help you out with getting the ultimate shots to document your experience at London Bridge.

#3 Table by the Thames
I hope you treat yourself to a meal by the river Thames whilst at London Bridge. As I've mentioned before, I'm a South African-Greek, so, if you want to take a wild guess as to where we went when our stomachs grumbled for food, you wouldn't have to think too hard. Triple Trouble chose to channel the latter-mentioned heritage from the double-barrel above and settled for a table for three at The Real Greek, besides the Thames. If you're tired of posing but would like to keep the site-seeing going, I highly recommend you get a table with famous landmarks like The Shard, The Gherkin and even St. Paul's Cathedral in full view. 

#4 Ending on a Sweet Note
Just in case our day hadn't been sweet enough, we opted to head back towards the London Bridge tube station and go to Creams. We were seated below skateboards which hung from the roof as lights, handed menus almost as tall as me and encompassed by a whole lot of colour- garnish pinks, crayon-like yellows, iridescent greens and buzzing blues which lined the walls all around us. To add to an already stimulating experience, skeletons, vampires and blood-drenched figures strode past our table, presumably on a break from The London Bridge Experience and London Tombs which is right next door. Let's just say, I've got some ideas for Halloween.

I opted for a Rocher Waffle, which is described on their menu as "mad mix of Creams Rocher gelato on a fresh hot waffle with white and milk chocolate sauces, milk and white chocolate shaving and Ferrero Rocher." It was as tantalising as that description sounds. Obviously, I opted for cream and ice cream which was the cherry on top of the cake...erm, I mean, waffle!

Are you Inspired?
I suggest you find a dynamic duo or a trusting trio (particularly people willing to hold your bag while you pose) and head towards London Bridge. There are an incomprehensible number of places for you to experience- and each one unique from the next. 

Have you been to London Bridge? What's one place you really want to see in the area?

Till next time-
*The spending money was gifted by Hotels.com, but all views are my own.


  1. Exploring London is always good fun! Looks (and sounds) like a fun guide to London Bridge - I've been to Borough Market before, it's good fun isn't it? So many delicious foods! I especially enjoyed the massive doughnuts filled with salted caramel cream and a lump of honeyvomb on top - insaaaaaaanely good!!

    1. Borough market is SO good! OH MY GOODNESS! I didn't see those. I guess that means I'll need to go again! Thanks Hannah :)

  2. I've been to London a few times but i dont think ive ever explored around london bridge!

    1. I highly recommend it! You'll have a great time. Take someone along with you and you can share the day-and the place-together.

  3. Just across the water is Sky Garden: for free views of the city! But you have to be quick for booking.

    Rachel || anotherstationanothermile.com

    1. That's true! I tried to do a more unconventional guide to London Bridge. but the Sky Garden is a good idea.

  4. Aaah the street art is amazing! I wish I'd known about this place last time I was in London. I know I should visit again some time soon, but I have so little time, so little money, and so many new places to explore. Also, I'd totally missed your comeback but I'm glad you're posting again!

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation


    1. The street art all around London is particularly incredible!
      I hope you find yourself in London again some time. It would be a great place to visit and get food on your next trip. Till then, just think of it as something to work towards!

      I'm glad to be posting (and responding to comments) again, too!

      Steph x

  5. It's so strange, I live so close to London yet have hardly explored it! If only my two sisters were this willing to hold my bags and take photos with (for) me ^_^

    Sophie | Sophie's Spot

  6. Haha, my siblings are a rare breed in that regard! I would definitely recommend you take FULL advantage of how close you are to the beast of a city!

  7. That looks and sounds so fun! I want to go there now haha.

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl


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