13 July 2018

5 Things on My Summer 'To-Do-List'

 Summer, in its weather sense, has been upon us for a while over in London, but I only just feel like summer in its 'lazy-about-in-the-sun' sense is upon me. I think that's entirely up to the fact that I'm officially in Greece, where I'll be until September.
I've been in Greece for a grand total of three days and I've already noticed how different I am to the person I was last year at this time; I walked into town to go to the local market, alone. I went and bought myself public transport tickets, alone. My confidence levels conversing in Greek has improved and consequently messing up when I inevitably do and needing to throw in some Greek-lish (Greek-English) doesn't make me shy away and scurry on to get the crumbling interaction over as soon as possible, like it used to. I laugh it off and keep talking.

The biggest difference between Steph then and Steph one year on is this: 41 Bucket List Things to Do in Greece in Summer. My bucket list was EVERYWHERE. There's a child-like element in the scatteredness of my intentions. I'm by no means anti the things I wrote on that list. In fact, I'm so glad I did. This year it's more of a 'to-do-list' which already sounds less fun (so maybe I'll work on the name) but it's more mature and encourages self-improvement. I've grown up over this last year and it's reflected in what I want to achieve this summer. I still want to get a serious tan, spend the whole day at the beach and go beach hopping, like I wanted last year. In that regard, nothing has changed, but in others, everything has- I've grown up.

#1 Write more and write often
This is crappy to write, but, for some reason, I don't think I'm going to be doing much writing on this blog. I had every intention of reviving this blog- and I still might but that isn't certain. I've put the idea of writing a book in my head. It has always been my dream. Writing a book would be like my 'totally crazy unachievable' goal-come-true. So, that's what I'd like to start doing over the summer. I plan on treating my blog like a journal and filling you all in on aspects of my life, but, I'm not scheduling content and coming up with a blog plan, as such. This is going to be a more natural approach to blogging. I've tried to plan content but it just isn't working for me this summer. So, more writing offline and less writing online is my plan.

#2 Film Everyday
You don't know this about me but I've been filming a few seconds of everyday of 2018. When I started the video series I was certain about one thing- I wanted to document the people in my life. I think I've done it rather successfully so far, only missing out a few days here and there. The plan is to edit the video (which I've already started doing) and share it with friends on January 1. 

#3 Learn Shorthand
Shorthand is not lost in Journalism. I thought it was, rather ashamedly, but it isn't. In second year of my uni degree, we have to get up to at least 60 words per minute in what I like to call hieroglyphics. The shorthand letters are 'normal' letters in their most basic form- sans all the unnecessary lines and dashes that you never knew were unnecessary. The ancient Egyptians, Tutankhamun included, would be proud of me, I have no doubt. So, I've started learning shorthand to be a step ahead when I start uni.

#4 Practise Self-Love Mindfully
This past uni year has been a tough one for me, more so personally than academically. I want to spend my days in the sun and drinking water with little interaction with those I've left in the U.K. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends and the company I keep back there, but I just need a break from people for a while.  Deleting my social media falls into my 'self love' plan; I haven't been on Facebook or Instagram since I touched down in Greece and I plan on keeping it that way for at least the next while. I'm not going to set a strict guideline as to how long I'm staying offline, but I plan on decreasing the time I spend online by a large amount.

#5 Learn more about News
Who owns the biggest news outlets in the UK? Who are their editors? These are the questions I should know the answers to without having to think. But, I don't. The way I see it, if I want to be a journalist, and a good one, I need to be informed. I'm going to follow various publications closely, paying intention to their news styles, what writers choose to lead with and constantly asking "why?".

What's on your summer to-do-list?

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Till next time-


  1. It's great to make lists and track progress. I hope you manage to achieve and tick off everything from your list! It's a shame how quick summer goes by, I better kick myself off the ass and make a similar list myself x

    1. I do love a good list! I think I ticked off most things...
      What did you manage to achieve this summer? Did you end up making a list? I'd love to know!

  2. That's awesome that your feeling more confident in Greece!! That filming small parts of your day thing is so fun. :)

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

    1. I've still been filming. It's been so lovely to watch back.
      Thanks Nabila!

  3. This is such a great list Steph! I hope you're able to tick everything off. I haven't really got a summer-to-do-list I feel like I'm floating around at the moment and don't know how to solve it ahha

    Sophie | www.sophiesspot.co.uk

    1. Netflix. Netflix is always the solution. Seriously though, as you said in another post, many others feels lost and like their aimlessly floating around over the summer. Personally, I'm glad it's term-time once again!


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