26 June 2018

My First-Year Student Hall's Experience

I know that I usually write my reflective posts with the swish swash of the washing machine, like I did in this massive life update and the end of my series on heartbreak, but now, I'm writing to you protected by a fortress of boxes. Wherever I turn to I see brown cardboard stacked on top of one another. This one room is filled with every item I depend on to live- as well as my sister's and brother's things. For many reasons which I won't bore you with, I've been left to move their belongings into our new house. Our. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? It's time for a life update.

Every night throughout first year, I'm partly proud and partly disappointed that I've had seven to eight hours of sleep on most nights. I've been tucked up in bed at 4am, at the latest, after a night out, but that was on a rare occasion. I'm usually in bed well before 12am. Last night, what began as a rather boring house party turned into a sunrise-escapade. At some point in the night I found myself sitting on a roof watching as the pitch black of night turned to a dark blue and then witnessed that dark blue turn into a lighter, hazier, aura-like blue. Long story short, I found myself home at around 6am with an alarm clock set for 10am...anxiety and the fact that I still had a lot of cleaning to do meant that I naturally woke up at 9am. I had THREE hours of sleep. I definitely have last night's make up on and I haven't brushed my teeth since I downed Buck's fizz and some other sweet red wine last night. I still haven't eaten breakfast, but, I've moved out of halls- and all before midday.

"I've moved out of halls"

That's my life update- I've moved out of halls. I wish I could say that it's bitter-sweet to be gone, but I'll be honest, it's more sweet than bitter. I definitely haven't had a positive experience when it comes to living with flatmates. Navigating different personalities, bad moods, different standards for cleanliness, politeness and human decency meant we were inevitably going to clash. At some points we were more in battle than other's. At the worst point, I'd walk into a kitchen no bigger than a box and sometimes my flatmates wouldn't even say hello to me- not that I'd say it either. At the best time, I'd managed a 'hello' and randomly get given an avocado (it's a long story). Things were better at times and worse at others, seemingly depending entirely on people's moods.

My room was my refuge. Some would say it never quite looked fully 'lived in'. I'd argue otherwise. Towards the end, with boxes strewn about and plastic bags flying everywhere it definitely looked lived-in, but otherwise, I kept a rather tidy room. I was honoured with the sunset every day and my goodness was that a treat sometimes. The frame of my parents on my mom's graduation day (which happens to be my favourite photograph ever) is tucked away in a box somewhere. If someone offered me money to tell them which one in the room of boxes that I'm in, I'd be as clueless as they are. The glass doll that's supposed to be a jewellery hanger (but remained un-adorned throughout the year) is also in a box somewhere- "somewhere" being the operative word.

What comes next?
I'm moving into a house with my siblings and the one flatmate from my student halls that kept me sane. His name is Jack, I wrote about him in this post, where I described him as having "vanilla-coloured skin" which "covers his tall body, speckling slightly over his broad shoulders. He seems nice". And nice he is indeed! In the post, I wrote that he was either the thorn amongst the roses or the rose amongst the thorns. I'm happy to announce that he turned out to be the latter. I joke that he'll have to double-barrel his surname now. After the year I've had with my flat mates, I'm glad to finally be in a home- sibling and all.

Till next time-



  1. I can definitely agree it was more sweet than bitter to move out of halls. I too had a view of the sunset each evening and it was so lovely to see when winding down in the evening

    Sophie | www.sophiesspot.co.uk

  2. I may be a bit ignorant here, but what exactly is "Halls"? I'm picturing a huge apartment block filled with students? Where I am from, most first year students would stay in student accommodation which is probably similar to Halls and then for later years they'd live in houses with their friends. Even though Halls probably isn't the nicest of places to live (especially when your room mates can be not the most friendly), I'd say it's still an important experience of Uni?? Also having a room with a sunset sounds glorious!!
    Alas I have lived at home throughout my degree and got to experience moving out during the summer for work.
    I hope your new living accommodation is far superior!! <3

  3. I avoided halls like the plague, I was massively put off by the idea of flatmates after hearing so many horror stories haha.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog


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