5 June 2018

I Met Someone From Tinder Offline For The First Time (Part One)

Tinder is definitely not a foreign topic on my blog. I've rattled off my online escapades involving the app many times- and this post won't be any different.
I'm constantly swearing myself off Tinder. I delete it and claim I'm done with it only to re-download it a few months (or even weeks) later. A while back, possibly two but maybe three months ago, I got it for complete 'shits and giggles'. I was going through a tough time with Julian and turned to Tinder for validation, and humility aside, I got a decent amount of it but it wasn't enough to make me interested in anyone in particular. 

I swiped on a guy named Patrick and we chatted for a few weeks after which I slowly stopped replying. He'd asked to meet up several times but I constantly dodged his requests. Eventually, he un-matched me, denying the existence of the last few weeks of conversation, not that I really minded though. I was in a bad place and decided that I shouldn't be leading good guys on if I wasn't interested, so I learnt my lesson from Patrick and deleted Tinder for a while...until I ultimately caved and got it back. Oh, I never do learn, do I?

"We started chatting and the banter was good. His texts were making me smile. People's texts hardly make me smile."

Upon my inevitable return to the world of swiping, I stumbled upon Henry. Henry's bio was short. I'm not sure if I even read it, initially. I know at one stage of my swiping extravaganza I began making judgements on looks entirely, completely foregoing the people's biographies altogether-which is very unlike me. Henry's profile featured three or four images of him. There was a photo of a cheeky, grinning Henry from what looks like it came from a larger photos with his friends cropped out. "Ah, so he's sociable", I remember thinking. Then there was a photo of him posing in the mirror of a gym. "How typical", I may have thought whilst rolling my eyes but I can't remember. I eventually decided to check his bio. He'd summed himself up in three 'words': Rugby, maths and then put an emoji of a bag of money which I interpreted as cash. I later found out that his dream job is to be a city banker, but we'll get back to that later. He had a blue star next to his name, meaning that he'd 'super liked' me. I'm no stranger to this Tinder tactic as you may know from my Tinder Soulmate. Anyways, I swiped right, meaning I was interested in him.

He 'slid into my DMs' first because I hardly ever do. Whether it was straight after I swiped right or a few days later I can't really remember. His opening line was something about me being a South African which he'd read in my bio. So, he was a bio reader. We started chatting and the banter was good. His texts were making me smile. People's texts hardly make me smile. 
In September last year, my flatmate and I went to our local McDonalds. I had received a text from Julian, way before Valentine's Day or before he broke my heart. A broad, off-white smile lingered across my face that I imagine made my eyes glisten. My flatmate noticed me staring at my phone's screen and asked me who I was texting. He knows Julian but I opted to respond with "no-one you know" and quickly locked my phone, plunging my screen into darkness. Henry's texts made me smile in the same way. I wasn't expecting that. His responses were speedy and filled with the perfect amount of wit and charm. I wouldn't admit this to him, but he has game...although I think he knows it.

At one point after passing sass and sarcasm like a tennis ball, back and forth between the two of us, he said "You're good. You're very good. I like this." I responded "I know". Because I did. Henry was definitely not humble about his looks, or his body, or personality or smarts. He's cocky but I had a feeling that if we were ever to meet the cockiness wouldn't transfer beyond the screen. But, little did he know that my sass definitely would.

"I responded that I was old-fashioned and wouldn't be getting in touch".

After chatting back and forth he sent me a text that I didn't quite know how to respond to. I felt like the conversation had died out a bit- or maybe I was just tired- so I didn't respond. I have enough Tinder experience (and 'game') to know that if I don't respond to a guy within a few days, they usually can't resist the charm and are lured in with a 'double text'. I honestly assumed Henry would be no different but days passed and I hadn't received any messages from him. I thought ego was getting in the way- on both our parts.

Before we stopped texting, Henry had, without any prompting, given me his cell phone number with the message "don't be a stranger" followed by a kissing emoji. I responded that I was old-fashioned and wouldn't be getting in touch, but that he could gladly work for my number. He liked that. 

"Admittedly, it could have been unresolved loneliness from remnants of my conversations with Julian, but I opted to take the chance and message Henry on Tinder."

So, when a few days passed I contemplated adding his number to my phone and texting him but I opted not to. A week or so passed and I once again felt an urge to text him but again, I refrained. Henry was adamant that he was a "big name in this town" (I warned you that he wasn't humble) and I knew that he played rugby. Some would call my next move "stalking" but I'd call it "investigative journalism" or that's what I'm going to keep telling myself anyways. I asked a friend on the rugby team if he knew Henry. His face lit up and he said "Yeah, he's the vice-captain". I couldn't help but snigger to myself. He really was a big name in this town- or the sport community anyways. My friend asked me how I knew him. Not wanting to say that I'd met him on Tinder, I opted for some excuse about having a good person to contact incase I ever needed a sport quote for journalism. I'm starting to discover that journalism works as a great back-up plan. If I need to get myself out of a situation, journalism usually helps.

Anyways, we'd obviously had a connection. Admittedly, it could have been unresolved loneliness from remnants of my conversations with Julian, but I opted to take the chance and message Henry on Tinder. I said: "Vice-captain of rugby? You really are a big name in this town and yet despite that, somehow, you still don't have my number in your phone but I guess you can't have it all in life." Writing that out now looks like I wrote half an essay, but I promise it looked much shorter on Tinder. He never replied...not for a few days anyways.

Have you ever met someone from an online dating app offline?

Till next time-



  1. I love hearing these stories! I can't wait for part 2 - I'm trying to work out whether or not Henry is a massive player or if he's just very charming ;)

    -Charlotte / myownblogofthoughts.blogspot.com

  2. That last message had so much sass ^^ Love it! Not met anyone from an online dating app, not really used them, but neither have I met someone from any online platform either. Looking forward to part 2 Steph!

    Sophie | www.sophiesspot.co.uk

  3. My roommate tells me such wild stories about Tinder haha, I hope it actually works out for you! I feel like there are decent guys on there but, being in a long term relationship, I don't really have a need to check it out :) Can't wait to read the next part on Thursday!
    -Jenna <3
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