12 June 2018

I Met Someone From Tinder Offline For The First Time (Part Three)

Henry had only met me about 10 minutes before, but he was very willing to ditch the friend that he'd come with to find me. 
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He responded to my text again asking where I was at. I told him I was outside the bathrooms and that he could come and find me. He did. And very quickly might I add.

I was huddled with my friends outside the bathroom, waiting for the other half who had gone to relieve themselves. When Henry showed up I introduced him. Instead of saying "this is my friend" or something along similar lines, I opted to only introduce him by saying "This is Henry". I didn't feel the need to say more.

After chatting outside the bathrooms, with my back against the wall and Henry towering over me with his one hand leaning on the wall behind me, like those slick guys in Hollywood movies, he took my hand and guided me towards the bar. I was picking up a trend here; Henry did indeed like his drink. When he took my hand, he glided my fingers across his built arms ultimately entangling our fingers together. They intertwined in such a way that I was unsure where his fingers began and mine ended. They connected like two adjacent puzzle pieces. It could have been due to nervousness or the alcohol I'm sure he'd consumed throughout the night, but his body was warm. It was comforting.

"You can decide where I ranked on the scale of 'tipsiness'."

Whilst approaching the dance floor's bar, Henry opted to turn around and switch hands. Facing me for a moment, he turned and took his other hand in mine. It was all very sweet. We eventually made it to the bar where he offered to buy me a drink...again. But, like before, I refused but re-assured him that he should definitely get one for himself. He denied this saying that "he wanted to be at the same level."  I'd already had a fair amount to drink by my standards, which I discussed in the posts before, so I was content. I was able to make rational decisions but if you'd asked me to drive home the common sense in me would have said 'no'. So, you can decide where I ranked on the scale of 'tipsiness'.

After deliberating by the bar, and leaning in closely to chat over the loud music, he asked me if I wanted to dance. So, once again, hand in hand, I was whisked off but this time to the dance floor.
At first we were dancing closely but very innocently. I don't think there was any inappropriate touching. I thought he was rather gentlemanly. But, as time went on he got braver and bolder. Blame the tequila (or the fact that this was over two weeks ago now) so the order could be hazy but I think he leant in for a kiss first which I rebutted with a slight tilt of my face. I think he tried again. Then said: "Are you seriously not going to kiss me?" to which I chuckled and responded that he'd have to buy me dinner first. I have no problem with people making out in clubs. Really. I promise. However, due to my inexperience, I don't really want to be fumbling about in the gaze of strangers. I just think I need a bit more practise. However, as I'm typing this I'm thinking that a dark nightclub filled with drunk people in early-life crisis wouldn't be a bad place to practise- because I don't think anyone would remember or even care in the morning. Anyways, as I said, despite all the tequila I'd downed, I still had my rationality.

Henry caught on that he wasn't going to get any lip locking from me. So, logically, he opted for me neck. Bloody hell. I know that the neck is one of our 'erogenous zones'- meaning that it leads to sexual arousal but I'd never experienced this for myself. Things with Julian, who you can read about in this post, never made it that far.

"He swerved and started kissing my neck."

I leaned towards Henry's body because in a loud nightclub, if you want to talk you need to get conveniently close. Whilst I was saying something, he swerved and started kissing my neck. Ladies (and gentleman) I now understand the power of neck kisses. I pulled my body back and jokingly said to Henry "You're dangerous". He made a face as if he couldn't hear what I was saying and leaned in again so that I could whisper it to him. He turned in the last moment and went back to my neck. Turns out he'd heard exactly what I'd said. 

I'm very vanilla- or innocent-but I find that I'm uncomfortable with PDA, even in a nightclub setting where snogging isn't unusual. I just can't bring myself to do it. When I figure out why that is, I'll let you all know. 

I let the neck kissing go on for a bit longer this time. Turns out it was long enough for Henry to feel like he could get away with cupping his hand over my bottom. I'd never had a guy grab my ass before. Whilst leaning in to talk to me throughout the night, he'd placed his hand on and around my waist- sometimes going slightly higher brushing against my breast so that when he went lower, I was taken off guard. I very nicely moved his hand away. I can't remember what I said afterwards but he'd gotten the message.
Much to Henry's dismay, I pulled away again and settled for dancing. I wasn't prepared for what came next. I'll give you a clue: Henry turned around with his bottom facing me. I knew what he was expecting. He wanted me to start grinding up against his body. This is something I definitely don't feel comfortable doing. When he turned around and my body didn't start pressing up against his, he swivelled and tried to see if it would work the other way around. He toiled me and put his hands on my waist expecting me to start moving my booty around his pelvis area. Sorry, honey, but that just isn't how I roll. 

After what felt like a century (turns out it was only 30 minutes), he got the hint and didn't try anything again. We kept dancing for a few minutes longer before I started checking my phone consistently. I'd arrived with my friends and wasn't going to ditch them to spend the night dancing with Henry. At one point, Henry remarked: "You're being weird", but I can't say I really cared. I told him I was going to go find my friends. He said he was going to leave.

"Am I seriously not coming home with you?"

We walked towards the exit of the nightclub together, once again with my warm (surprisingly non-clammy hands intertwined with his) and our forearms up against each others'. It must have been near 2.30am. At the exit, he once again said: "So, am I seriously not coming home with you?" I told him "no". He responded: "not even for a cuddle?". Here's the thing; I did genuinely believe that he meant 'just a cuddle' and that's all that would have happened. Notice my tense? Did. Whilst writing this, I'm realising that even after I said "no" to kissing, he tried again. Even after I said "no" to neck-kissing, he tried again. What would have been different if we were cuddling and things got frisky and I said "no". Henry claimed to be a gentleman...but I'm not so sure about that. So, standing at the exit of the club I was trusting my gut instinct and stood my ground. "No," I said. Henry left.

We texted for a few days after I saw him, in every conversation he was adamant that he was a gentleman, but I have a feeling he was saying it out of a need for validation than certainty. Each conversation looped to him coming over- sometimes well past midnight. It was always my place not his. After saying "no" for what felt like the 1000th time, I honestly just got tired. I knew what he wanted and I wasn't prepared to entertain him. Long story short, we haven't spoken since.

I guess it's back to swiping I go...

Have you ever met someone from Tinder offline? How did that go for you?

Till next time-



  1. Wow this was an interesting story. I met someone from Okcupid not Tinder.. he was cool we got along well, we met at a local mall, wewe did end up going to his place but luckily we just talked and kissed... i was lucky anything could of happened. We texted a few times aftet and ended up hanging out to watch a movie at his place, talk and kiss. But it never worked out with him cause we had different values and idk we just never spoke again lol

    Nikki O.

  2. First thought is what a jerk! No means no. I guess some guys just can't take a hint. Alas it's back to swiping we go (is it bad I thought of Dora the explorer when reading swiping ^^) wondering what other stories will unfold ^_^

    Sophie | www.sophiesspot.co.uk


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