26 June 2018

My First-Year Student Hall's Experience

I know that I usually write my reflective posts with the swish swash of the washing machine, like I did in this massive life update and the end of my series on heartbreak, but now, I'm writing to you protected by a fortress of boxes. Wherever I turn to I see brown cardboard stacked on top of one another. This one room is filled with every item I depend on to live- as well as my sister's and brother's things. For many reasons which I won't bore you with, I've been left to move their belongings into our new house. Our. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? It's time for a life update.


19 June 2018

The First Time I Lied About My Virginity

 "Steph, can I ask you a personal question?"
"Sure, I responded."

I knew exactly what my friend was about to ask me. Earlier that night, whilst dancing in the same club that I met Henry, the first boy I met offline from Tinder, just on another night, several men had tried to make a move on me. They'd try get 'handsy' on the dance floor or lean in but I'd swoosh them away very, very quickly.

12 June 2018

I Met Someone From Tinder Offline For The First Time (Part Three)

Henry had only met me about 10 minutes before, but he was very willing to ditch the friend that he'd come with to find me. 

7 June 2018

I Met Someone From Tinder Offline For The First Time (Part Two)

 After a week passed with no response, I'd moved on, mostly. Now and again I'd log back into Tinder to check if Henry had messaged me but when there was no new notification I just exited the app and went on with my life or continued swiping with disinterest. I'd become unattached to the outcome with Henry, although let me not kid myself, if I was still logging on hoping to find a message I was still partly invested, maybe just not as much as before.

5 June 2018

I Met Someone From Tinder Offline For The First Time (Part One)

Tinder is definitely not a foreign topic on my blog. I've rattled off my online escapades involving the app many times- and this post won't be any different.
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