4 May 2018

We 'Break-Up' in the End (Part 3)

From previous parties at Julian's house, I knew where his room was. As I walked in, the first thing that hit me was the smell of cologne. Julian had sprayed some form of deodorant or put on after-shave or something of the sort and I could smell it. Luckily, it didn't smell bad, just very boyish. I found Julian all flustered. He'd changed into something more comfortable but he was sweating.
Before you read this post, you have a lot more reading to do. But, I promise it's worth it!
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"Like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, he revealed hot chocolate and some other delights"

At one point he lifted his arm to reveal dark patches of sweat. He doesn't know I saw that, but I did. I told you I made him nervous. He'd opened his garden-facing windows and put the fan on. I wasn't going to let him get away with all the cologne he'd just dossed his room with, so I cracked some joke about it. Out of his Nike gym back, like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, he revealed hot chocolate and some other delights. Turns out he realised that he didn't have hot chocolate which caused the last minute panic which resulted in his lateness. 

We ended up downstairs again making hot chocolate. I let Julian take the reigns. He calculated the perfect amount of hot chocolate to the optimal ratio of milk. He figured out the perfect temperature of hot chocolate, opting to put the cups in the microwave two times. After landing on the perfect concoction, he went to open a bag of marshmallows but sent a few dozen pink and white squishy balls flying into the air instead. Julian's a muscular guy, so I joked that he had too much muscle. After grabbing a broom and gathering up the marshmallows, we still had enough left to spot our mugs with enough pink and white delights. He then added whipped cream on top. Ultimate hot chocolate? I think so indeed.

"I'd brought other cookies, but Julian didn't beckon to open them, so I didn't push it"

Julian's housemate, the guacamole guy (from this post) who opened the door for me when I first arrived, entered the kitchen and stood behind me. I'll never know if he secretly muttered something to Julian or just wandered into the kitchen, hovered then left without saying a word. So, we took our mugs and went back up to his room. He was in his socks, so I promptly removed my shoes and got comfortable on his desk chair, tucking my legs under my body whilst he very gentlemanly opted for a closer-to-the-ground green plastic box that was supposedly filled with empty alcohol bottles from his most recent party, where this happened. With our perfectly concocted hot chocolates in hand, we dug into the other treats he'd bought, like salted caramel shortbread-brownie mixture of some sort and indulged in each other's conversation. I'd brought other cookies, but Julian didn't beckon to open them, so I didn't push it. At some point, we figured out that Julian had the better tasting hot chocolate, which made sense as mine was the 'test-run'. So, we ended up swapping.

After chatting for a while, we found ourselves sitting on the edge of his bed flipping through a How I Met Your Mother Playbook. We spoke about everything and nothing at the same time. That's the thing with Julian and I, the conversation always flows effortlessly. I learnt his dad's name and that his mother is a strict, family-orientated lady whilst his father is the family's 'bread-winner' and a keen news reader. I learnt his brother's name and that two things that Julian would like to do before he dies is get stabbed and get into a car accident... "for the experience", as he put it. We laughed and chatted for about four hours. I eventually ended up in the middle of his bed, with him across from me with his back against the wall. Now and again, our legs made contact, but briefly.

"He took that as a sign and put his hands on my waist and made his move"

Look, I'm no idiot. I knew that at some point we'd end up kissing, like we had on Valentine's Day. But, it was nearing the end of the night and he hadn't made a move and I sure as hell wasn't going to. He'd gotten up at one point and gone to his bathroom, only to return a few moments later with breath that smelled a lot like Listerine, which I pointed out to him. He chuckled, embarrassed, and replied that he wanted to be fresh. I was getting the hint. At some point his back was no longer pressed against the wall. He was closer. He was sitting across from me but my body was still turned away from him. I consciously turned my body, crossing my legs to face him. He was already sitting cross-legged in front of me. He took that as a sign and put his hands on my waist and made his move. At some point he said "I feel like I'm 16 again", hinting at the innocence of it all. I looked at him and asked if he'd like to stop. He responded with "and why would I want to do that?" So, I kept running my hand through his dark hair which was in need of a bit of a trim, occasionally finding my way down and sliding my hands over his broad shoulders. I can't remember where his hands were but at some point he lifted his hand to clear a strand of hair that had moved onto my face and later he passionately slid both his hands over my thighs towards my body, like a cat kneading a couch. I can't remember if it was whilst on his bed or whilst walking down the stairs on the way out that he said: "I didn't think you'd come today". He meant that he didn't think I'd come to his house. I said I was trying this new thing where I say "yes" when I'd usually say "no" and that he knew we were on the same page. I was very comfortable and felt safe around him. At a later point, I also reverted back to this comment and said: "If you really thought I wouldn't come over, you wouldn't have asked." I can't remember what he responded but my gut says it was possibly "I had hope." 

It was getting late and he had to get up early the next day. So, I got off the bed and plonked myself on the floor to tie up my laces. He picked up the canister of whipped cream that we'd overloaded our hot chocolates with earlier that night and sprayed more it into his mouth, filling the emptiness with sugary white foam. I then opened my mouth wide and we both had foamy mouths. He pecked me again.

"He leaned in and kissed me, for longer this time."

I got up to put my purple hooded rain coat on. He swiftly lifted the hood over my head and pulled down on the strands, hiding my hair. Again, he leaned in and kissed me, for longer this time. I instinctively stood on my tips of my toes, and went for his upper lip. I pulled away saying "Right, we need to get you to bed." He offered to walk me home, a 1km straight-road. I told him to take his bike so that he could cycle back. As we began walking home, side by side, the bus pulled up beside us. Knowing he had to get up early, I told him that I'd save him the walk and get on the bus. I ran forward to get the bus whilst scrambling for my Oyster card, the London commute card, in my faux-leather pink purse in the satchel on my back. Julian never got the goodbye he probably would have liked- neither did I.

Do you think you would have quickly caught the bus if you were me or have 'missed it' intentionally and walked on instead?

There will be one more post and then this series is done. 
Till next time-


  1. Okay this was cute. The hood kiss was like one out of a romance drama! I'm kind of looking forward to seeing how the final post goes, I've got to the point where I don't know what will happen x


    1. I still think the hood kiss was kinda cute!


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