29 May 2018

How One University Party Changed My Life (Part 2)

When I walked into that Halloween party all those months ago, which honestly feels like it could have been last week, I'm in awe. I had to stop and ask myself if knowing everything I know now about what I've been through over the last few months, with those 'nurses'- or just the one in particular- would I still have gone to that party?

24 May 2018

How One University Party Changed My Life (Part 1)

At the start of the University year, in September last year, a student halls nearby to where I live threw a party and word spread which eventually meant that every University student in what felt like a 1000 mile radius- and their uncle- pitched up to the party. An innumerable crowd arrived at the halls which realistically could only comfortably manage about 50 people. Hence, it's no surprise that security shut the party down but not before rubbish dumpster jousting. Yes, that is exactly what it sounds like.


22 May 2018

4 Quotes That I Live By

As you may know, recently, I've had to re-align myself with my values. I'd been dealing with matters of the heart which left me rather battered and bruised. I'm proud to say that although my heart is still broken, I've managed to put many pieces together which gives me hope that I'm on the way to feeling less tattered and eventually make a 'full recovery'.


15 May 2018

When Death Knocked At My Door

I'm searching my memory banks for all the times I've had to tell someone that a loved one has died. I'm 19-years-old and grateful that death hasn't ever knocked on my door. I've seen death bang on the doors of distant family members, one time relentlessly when three members died within months of each other. But never so close to me. Never on my door. That changed today.
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