26 April 2018

We 'Break-Up' in the End (Part 2)

As I walked into the above-ground level of the house, looking for another friend, I saw Julian. It's funny how when you're not looking for things they tend to appear.

24 April 2018

We 'Break-Up' in the End (Part 1)

This isn't how I thought I was ending this series. This isn't the end, but it's definitely the beginning of the end. I want to begin with an apology. Firstly to you, as the reader, but mostly to myself. 

10 April 2018

My Personal Story of Teenage Heartbreak || Part 4

So, we carried on talking. In the span between when I last saw him which was at around 3.00 and going to bed at 4.30, he'd already sent me three texts. He was upping his game. I could tell. But, by this stage, I knew better than to take actions at face value. I've caught onto his tactics by now. His actions match his words at the start, but then shrivel out soon after. But, he was back in my good books.
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