22 March 2018

My Personal Story of Teenage Heartbreak || Part 2

Two days later, which happened to be last Friday, at around 10am, a message popped up on my rather scruffy and banged up Samsung cellphone.
"Are you coming to the house party tonight?" it said.
It was from Aidan, Julian's best friend.  After seeing Julian leave a pub with his "Bed Buddy" (for preference of a less-kind word), I'd told Julian that we were done- done seeing each other and done talking. So, in retrospect, it made sense that his best friend was texting me (I'll explain the significance later but at the moment I thought his best friend was just being a friend to me and inviting me out to catch up). Writing this now, almost one week on, I'm surprised I didn't see the trap!
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I had nothing against Julian. We'd ended things on good terms. In a simple message, I said: "I think it's probably best if we no longer see each other, Julian." I added that he'd probably miss my banter initially but that he'd be okay and that I'd see him around (with a variety of emojis in between). He responded saying that this was probably for the best and that he'd see me at all those random parties of the future that we always seem to end up at. In my book, that's very amicable. This was two days before his friend texted me. I meant what I said. We were all good.

"I should add that the theme for this party was Noah's ark- which obviously included frogs."

I arrived at the party which was a week ago now, armed with my best friend as back-up. Almost immediately upon my arrival, I saw Julian and Aidan, conveniently side by side in a very narrow corridor, both clad in frog hats and green frog-like gloves. I should add that the theme for this party was Noah's ark- which obviously included frogs. There must have been zebras on the ark too, right? My friend and I wore a similar pair of black and white stripes pants (or trousers as some call them) and called it a day. So, here we are: two frogs and two attempts at zebras.

 I like to think I'm not an awkward person, so here we were chatting away like the night I first met them- except Julian and Aidan were dressed as nurses this time and it was Halloween. I was particularly focused on chatting to Aidan- with Julian an arm reach away. I figured that Aidan had invited me and Julian had messed me about, so I could spare the extra attention in Aidan's direction. After a few minutes and awkward silence on the horizon, my friend and I made our way around the room and settled at the kitchen table to play a game which I'm pretty sure was created just 10 minutes before we arrived called "Fuck the Bus". Just in case you're wondering, it had absolutely nothing to do with buses (...or fucking). It was a card and drinking game which Marcus, the brain behind the game, eagerly explained to us newcomers.

Laughter from our table filled the kitchen. We had drawn in quite a crowd by now. Some people were standing and watching whilst others had huddled around the table, bringing whatever chairs they could find closer. With chairs in short supply, some people ended up sharing- myself and Marcus included. At one point, I turned to my right to see Julian across the kitchen. He'd been watching. He wasn't facing me at the time, but I could tell he'd been watching me- and even better, me getting close to Marcus.
Nature called and I pulled my friend along to the bathroom. She told me that Julian's eyes had tracked me the whole way. Imagine this: Julian was watching me and his "Bed Buddy" who was also there was watching him. By this point, I'd hardly taken any notice of any of them. I was laughing and 'fucking the bus' in the most non-literal sense possible with my new friends.
By the time I'd made it back to the table, after relieving myself, much to the gratitude of my bladder, I'd lost my seat. So, I plonked myself on the opposite side. Julian moved to the opposite side of the room to watch. My friend said he kept watching. I intentionally looked away and laughed with my new friends when they said something funny. For some reason which I can't quite remember now, a few minutes later I moved seats again. The game didn't involve moving seats. I mean, this wasn't musical chairs. I hadn't been watching Julian, but at some point, he moved too. He was now sitting on the kitchen countertop. This time, our eyes made contact.

"He sprinted straight over to me- like an excited puppy running to its owner."

Remember what I said? I'm not an awkward person. I looked at him and imagined that I cockily tilted my head a bit and smiled. Much to my surprise, he sprinted straight over to me- like an excited puppy running to its owner. He kneeled beside me and although my first instinct was to tease him with "Wow! Down on one knee already!" I opted for "You can join me on the seat." Much to his surprise.  I'm not awkward, remember? Stupid, maybe. But not awkward.

We ended up chatting for 15 minutes and I called him out on everything- more harshly than before! Turns out he was rather upset by the 'talking ban' as he'd called it, not that I really cared though. Also, turns out he'd gone to the gym with Aidan that morning and being the good friend that Aidan is, he told Julian that he'd lure me to the party so that Julian would have a chance to speak to me. Who knew frogs could be so conniving. Well played, frogs. Well played! You can imagine the daggers that we, I, was met with from his "Bed Buddy" who was staring at us from across the room, along with all her friends. Eventually, he asked if we could go talk outside. The "Beast from the East" had moved past us, so I figured it was okay. For a moment, we contemplated getting our coats but opted to brave the cold instead. Again, I fell into a trap! When you don't have coats and two people are freezing where are you going to turn for warmth? Body heat. Well-played, Julian. Well-played!

If you want to know what happened outside, you're going to have to come back for part three!

                             If you were me, what would you have done in this situation?
Till next time-



  1. Oh Steph you do like to leave it on a cliff-hanger. I'm not sure what I would've done. Probably not go to the party in the firs place since it's not my scene. But I can totally see how you've been taking the mature and adult approach to this. Now got to wait till part 3 to find out what happens ^^

    Sophie's Spot

    1. Cliffhangers are my favourite thing! Now, you're all caught with how it ends! I tried the mature and adult thing but it's sometimes also the stupid thing.

  2. Replies
    1. The one and only way to end off a good story!

  3. STEPH NOOOOO I CAN'T TAKE IT! I hate cliff hangers... hopefully we won't have to wait too long for part 3.

    Em ~ thisisemsworld.com

    1. It's taken over a month but all the posts are up now! :)

  4. You've succeeding at turning what seems to be at first a random life experience that most of us encounter into a truly interesting read, congrats! Can't wait to read what's coming up next. x


    1. Giulia, that's a lovely comment. Thank you! I try really hard to share my life experiences. Seems like my life plays out like a movie sometimes!

  5. Firstly, I love the pictures which accompanied this storytime.😊 Thanks for sharing such a personal, heartrending story and I look forward to reading the next installment.😀😘

    #sweetreats xxx www.bakingboutiquebirds.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Thank you for the heart-warming comment, ST!

  6. ok, fill me in. why is bed buddy pissed off? i thought she didn't care about him seeing other people. - but I get it. she needs to claim her territory.
    also, bromance will always win. never trust two frogs. never.

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

    1. PLOT TWIST: It turns out she does indeed care.
      Never trust two frogs. Agreed. I've learnt my lesson!


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