20 March 2018

My Personal Story of Teenage Heartbreak || Part 1

Before you read any further, you need to read these two posts before reading this one: My First Kiss on Valentine's Day at 19-Years-Old and My First Kiss (Follow-Up) + Heartbreak.

I ended my last post with: "'What happens now?' you may ask. Great question! I have no idea how much of last night he remembers. But, I'm hoping it's enough."

6 March 2018

My First Kiss (Follow-Up) + Heartbreak

I'll be honest. This isn't the follow-up piece that I was expecting to write on the post 'My First Kiss on Valentine's Day at 19-Years-Old'. I expected to describe in more detail the sternness of Julian's body pressed against mine, his gentle caressing of my lower back and his oddly skew but quirky smile. This most definitely won't be that post.
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