23 February 2018

3 Tips to Seize the Day as a Student

I've noticed many differences (and similarities) between South Africa, where I lived for the first 18 years of my life and the UK (where I've lived for almost 6 months now). For starters, I remember catching a quintessentially British red double-decker bus for the first time last February to go to the town where I currently attend university, and at 9AM, the streets were still dead. 
 Let me explain; South Africa wakes up at before the sun. Well before the sun. 4AM wouldn't really be considered an early start for most South Africans in the working force. Me? Well, 4AM is a tad bit on the early side of things. 6AM though? Completely normal.

Fast forward to my life in the UK: Somedays, I'm barely up by 11AM (and on better days I'm up at 8AM). London-Steph can't help but think back to how the SA version of myself could spring out of bed at 6AM. I can't imagine that now and it has been bothering me for a while. I love the morning, particularly the early, early morning before the day has been tainted by anything. I love the purity, freshness and untouched feeling that goes with it.
Last night, I received a text from a new 'friend' (who tried to kiss me at a club the other night), but we'll stick with 'friends' in inverted commas, asking me if I wanted to go swimming. Before I could respond, "Sure, I'm free after my lectures", he said: "How about in the morning?"

So, here I am, writing a blog post at 08:55 after coming home from a morning swim. Let me tell you something, SA-Steph would be so proud. It's a Friday morning and for the first time in a while, I rose with the sun which sounds less impressive than what I think considering that it's beginning to get lighter earlier and earlier these days (which I'm not complaining about). 

This morning, I met Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome and we went swimming at 7AM.  Mr TDM, is all of the things I listed earlier. Tall: He's two metres in length! Dark: He's British as far as I know, but he definitely has that dark Mediterranean skin that I missed out on. Handsome: He has short brown hair that curls into a bit of a mop on his forehead, but he's well put together with a cute grin. 

Now, picture me and Mr TDM both half-naked at 7AM. Surely there's something romantic about the whole thing? 
Anyways, my point is, by 9AM, I've gone for a swim, socialised, showered and washed my hair, written a blog post (or I'm trying to, anyway), replaced my usual breakfast of a eating a banana whilst dashing out the door with warm porridge and now I'm listening to music. SA-Steph is proud. Also, I may just make this a habit. I like this Friday feeling.

Whether this feeling lasts enough to get me to do this all over again on Monday is a whole other story, but any other person reading this who works or goes to uni/high school, I highly suggest an early start to your day. You'll thank yourself (and me) for it in the long run!

Here are 3 tips to get you up before the sun:

#1 Prepare the night before: 
Whether you want to go for a walk, a swim or make yourself a hearty breakfast that taking a bit more prep time, gather everything you need the night before. When the alarm jolts you up the next day, you won't have to frantically run around looking for things. 

#2 Get an 'early morning buddy':
Things are easier when done in pairs- same goes for motivation. Get a flatmate, a housemate or a significant other to come along and start your day alongside you. I opted for Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome but any person who is willing to get up with you and seize the day will do!

#3 Think of the feeling you'll have afterwards:
I don't think I've ever met anyone who got up early and didn't thank themselves for it later. You'll be charged up to take on the day. I promise. The initial stage of actually getting up out of bed is a struggle, I don't deny that, but, thereafter, it's all uphill.
I think this could become a regular thing, particularly if Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome is involved. 
What time do you usually get up? Do you exercise in the morning?
Till next time-


  1. I usually get up pretty early and work out. I find it's so weird that London wasn't busy at 9am! Crazy!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. I am not a morning person in the slightest, but whenever I wake up early and shower and get stuff done before 10 am I feel amazing! Great post.

    -Charlotte x

  3. I usually get up at around 6:30 for school but on weekends around 8:00 which is actually late for my family but very much early for my friends.

  4. I'm definitely up before 8am everyday, and most of the time I'm awake by 7 at the latest. Though I'm seen as weird for that by everyone I know at uni, apparently I'm the only morning person in the group of people who surround me. I don't really exercise in the morning, I don't really have a set exercise plan for any time of the day, but I'm sure if I found Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome I could change that ^.^

    Sophie's Spot

  5. Why do people in SA get up so early? People here are usually up by 7 a.m. cause most work since 8 a.m. (of course there are those that start at 6 a.m. too) and streets are usually filling up since 7 a.m. and it' fully live around 8 a.m.
    I'm a night owl and early bird all in one, but it's harder to get up early when you have nothing to do. I'd get up and then I'm alone till 10 a.m. when my friends usually get up. There's also nowhere to go cause everything opens around 8-9 a.m.
    I'm looking forward to the TDH story in the future :D

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

  6. I really need an early morning buddy because no matter how prepared I go to sleep, I always wake up wondering "do I really have to wake up? :("
    My mom wants me to be an early morning type of person and I wanna be an early person too but I just... can't....
    Kanra Khan

    twitter || instagram || facebook

  7. I am definitely not a morning person. I always prepare to go to the gym early before work but somehow listening to my alarm, I'm like "nope!" Haha but these are some great tips! I do agree, you feel so much better afterwards! xx



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