1 February 2018

3 Best Spots to Blog At Uni (Other Than the Library)

The fact that I'm typing this blog post under an angled attic-like window that's the size of me (if I were decapitated) which offers me an exclusive view of the city and a gentle first-day-of-February breeze, should tell you where this post is going. I'm seated at a roundtable, in a well-lit corner, besides about 100 books, which are only the ones in eyesight. You could say that I'm in a bookworm's paradise- and you'd be right!
Today, I've found myself in a new spot at the 'group study' section in the library. I had been scouting out this corner, obviously desirable to any keen blogger's eye, next to a massive window, which was being emptied just as I walked in. I'm not sure what you'd call it, but I'm going with fate.

Although I am a strong advocate for all things book and book-related, libraries included, I've decided to make a list of other really good uni nooks and crannies that I've found that you can track down at your university- wherever that may be-and get blogging.
#1 Empty Classrooms and Lecture rooms
Do you sometimes have an hour between lectures and don't have enough time to go home? Go find an empty lecture theatre or classroom and get writing! I promise, with so many teaching rooms at your uni, you're bound to find one that's empty- even if you have to shuffle next door when a class comes in and you awkwardly scurry off. If you prefer quiet spaces to write in, this is great for you! Once you've churned out a killer blog post, you can hurry on to your next class all whilst knowing that you're slaying the student-blogger game.

#2 Canteen
Some people can write in places so quiet that you could hear your heart beating and others can write in places so loud that you'd think you were at a Justin Beiber concert with surround sound of screeching concert-goers. I most definitely fall into both categories depending on my mood. However, on most days, I like to hear people and see people shuffling about, dropping their books, awkwardly striking up conversations with the attractive stranger beside them and scrolling their lives away on phones- hence why I'm currently in the 'Justin Beiber concert' section of the library as opposed to the 'Hear-my-heart-beat' section. Anyways, I often meander down to my uni's canteen which is somewhere between JB and heartbeat-hearing and grab a large hot chocolate with chocolate sprinkles and sit on the corner-most vein-blood, red couch which for some reason is always available, again, fate, I think. 
#3 Coffee Shop
This would be the obvious, go-to spot for most bloggers. My university has several coffee shops, so there are options, as I'm sure yours does, too. I think it's about testing out the best coffee, tea and chai latte. When you find the best one it's all about finding the cosiest spot, but I think you need to be a bit like Goldilocks and try all the coffee shops, seats and chai macchiatos you can before you settle for one.

Where's your favourite spot to blog at your uni or in general?

Till next time-

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  1. I usually blog in my room but I'm always looking for new places to write!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. I blog either from home or from an empty classroom at uni. We also have a common room for my department that is also good for that.
    Sophie x

  3. I like the insight of all the good spots in a uni. I'll be a pro.😏 Thanks for sharing.

    #sweetreats xx www.bakingboutiquebirds.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. I don't usually blog at university because (1) we're running around the wards and looking at patients all the time (2) when I do get time to sit down, I'm usually studying.
    I blog mostly on the dinner table with my laptop or on my bed.
    Kanra Khan

    twitter || instagram || facebook

  5. I can't wait to go to uni, and this has made me even more excited for it!

    ps. I've nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award - all the details are in my latest blog post :)
    -Charlotte x

  6. Since I live on campus I tend to just blog in my room, and haven't actually ventured to these places on campus since I prefer to be in the hear-my-heart-beat kind of area. But if I ever get writer's block I think I might venture out of my room and explore these kind of places to write. I'm sure there is a cute coffee shop somewhere either on campus or off.

    Sophie's Spot

  7. I'm definitely more of a 'Hearing-my-heart-beat' kinda blogger! My classes at the moment are spread all over the city so trying out all the different coffee shops shouldn't be a problem (although if it will return in actual words written is another question). I generally tend to write either on the move -trains are great for contemplation- or lazily lying in bed avoiding uni work... So minus points for me for definitely not slaying the student-blogger game. ;)




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