2 January 2018

12 Roles of A Blogger (Other Than A Writer)

Without thinking too much of it, on 30 December, I jotted down this thought on Twitter and shared it with the world, and by the world I mean my 600 followers, my world. Two days later and it has been widely received from all non-existent corners of the world,
With that, I have decided to do the inevitable: write a blog post about it. So, with that and to re-iterate my tweet; Bloggers really are so much more than writers. They're even more things than the few descriptions I listed above, in my tweet. So, with that, here's another list- a longer list.


I've put this one first only because it seems to be the most commonly associated with blogging. A blog cannot exist without content, and in most cases, that's in the written form. Bloggers need to write up content to publish which is the backbone of a weblog, a blog.


Most bloggers take an interest in the overall aesthetic appeal of their online space. That entails scrutinizing over the difference between Celeste blue and Tiffany blue. Many bloggers make their own logos, spend time looking at typefaces and tweaking seemingly small things here and there to aid in the user's overall experience. If you're looking for simple ways to improve your blog, go here.

"Many bloggers, unlike me, see photography on their blog as their pride and joy"


I personally wouldn't go so far as to call myself a photographer just because I don't think that photographs are a particular strength of my blog (but that's something I'm hoping to work on in 2018). Many bloggers, unlike me, see photography on their blog as their pride and joy-and even use their blog as a portfolio, and rightly so; Some blogger's photography is award-worthy. However, wherever you rank in the range of photography ability, most bloggers feature at least one photograph in every blog post, which entails pulling out the camera, getting low on the ground (or high up on a chair) and getting the perfect shot!


Bloggers are constantly removing and adding in phrases and paragraphs in hopes of finding the perfect way to describe a cheesecake or a really worthwhile thing that they might have seen. Finding the perfect way to describe something takes a lot more work than most think. On top of that, bloggers are human (I know, shocker, right!). Mistakes are made and words are repeated. It's a blogger's job to reverse and re-read each and every word (something which I should personally practise better). Then there's the coming up of ideas which can be particularly difficult when you have to read the post, write an essay, get the kids ready for school or when you have 'blinking cursor syndrome'- which is a very real thing.

"Bloggers do whatever they can to maintain positive relationships with brands and their readers"


One of the replies that I received from this tweet was someone who said that these only apply to bloggers that are looking to make an income from blogging. I disagree. If you care about your space, some of these things will come naturally without having a desire to take it any further than a hobby. Anyways, bloggers want to make sure that their space is seen in a positive light- naturally. It's their baby, which is something I've discussed in a post about why you should care about blogging statistics. Bloggers do whatever they can to maintain positive relationships with brands and their readers.


This may not apply to all bloggers as extremely as it may apply to others, however, most bloggers I've met whilst trotting the Blogosphere like to tweet out their latest blog post or re-surface older ones from the archive. I like to do both regularly- some may argue too regularly! Scheduling Instagram shots, tweets and Facebook posts is more time consuming than one thinks. On top of that, bloggers need to remember to market themselves.That's another thing to add to an already longer-than-normal to do list.

"Many bloggers have ventured beyond the written word and have put themselves on Youtube or create regular podcasts"


This one follows on from advertising and marketing because many bloggers have ventured beyond the written word and have put themselves onto Youtube or create regular podcasts in hopes of engaging with their readers in a different way, or possibly for the purpose of reaching a new audience and even just to try something out that looks like fun. Editing voice, videos etc. is hard work, added to the stress of finding time to come up with ideas for a blog and to write those ideas out. 


Bloggers want their readers to be pleased that they stopped by. They take into consideration any critique and criticism in hopes of improving the overall experience of the blog for the reader. 

"Creating quality content across many media platforms is hard work"


Twitter. Instagram. Facebook. Linkedin. Pinterest. Everyone and their uncle's cousin has social media these days. Bloggers use social media to chat with their readers, blogging friends, brands, bloggers that they look up to and to promote themselves and their posts if that is something that they choose to do. Creating quality content across many media platforms is hard work.


This one is aimed at those who have worked hard enough to do what they love for a living and for those who have been able to monetise their passion for blogging. Those people also have to double-up as accountants. Often bloggers freelance and are self-employed which means that they have to keep track of adult things like tax etc.

"A blogger just has to balance it all!"


For those that don't blog full-time and have other jobs to juggle alongside blogging, sometimes things can just get a little bit too much. Some bloggers love the art-form of blogging so much and spend every waking thought thinking about it, but then you get pulled away due to other priorities- like school or another job. A blogger just has to balance it all!


To end off, if nothing else, bloggers are time management extraordinaires. They make the time to schedule Lookbook shoots, Instagrammable outings, school, work, scheduling tweets, writing content and managing everything else buzzing around their heads. 

I take my hat off to every single blogger out there. 

What role would you add that I've left out? 
Till next time-

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  1. Yesss! This is all true! Thanks for writing this and your tweet!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. I couldn't agree more with this post! Blogging is a hobby that requires so many different skills, and often skills that we'd use in actual jobs these days. Writing and photography are the two most important for me I'd say, and I'm still working on it. And as you said, most bloggers are not actually full-time, or even part-time or anything close to that, and we have to juggle between our job and blogging. It's a lot of hard work, but all worth it!

    Julia x
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  3. It's so funny that when you're busy doing all of these things you don't realise you are doing ALL OF THESE THINGS. Perhaps something I should mention on my CV... ;) Although I don't master all/most of these points, I do dabble here and there with all these different disciplines. It's what makes blogging so fun and challenging! Thank you for putting this list together.



  4. I love this!!! I feel like I should share it when ever someone questions me what a blogger actually is, it's a surprising hard question to answer and your post shows why. It's not just one thing ^^

    Sophie's Spot

  5. I love this post so much because I can totally relate! I don’t think people realize how much stuff bloggers have to do!

  6. Wow! This sounds so fancy and important haha I agree, bloggers do a lot of stuff for 'just one post' and especially if they have main jobs like you said.
    Cheers to us!

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

  7. So true! I often think about all this while saying that I'm a blogger with pride. All of us should be proud.

  8. You have word it perfectly, I haven't read out to PR Companies but the rest is spot on.

    Jordyn x junerobin.blogspot.com


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