4 January 2018

5 Easy Tips to Being Blogging Fit

There are many words that I use to describe myself: sister, friend, smiley, compassionate and then some less-kind ones, like stubborn if you consider that to be mean- although I'd argue that stubbornness can be a great trait, too, that may just be my stubbornness talking. Anyways, in a former life, I would have described myself as a swimmer, too.
I was one of those swimmers who hardly trained but managed to still do well in competitions. You were lucky if you found me in the pool once over a whole month at one stage of my swimming career. Writing that makes me laugh that I even called myself a swimmer at that stage.

But, towards the end of my nearly decade-long career in water, I could be found in the pool nearly five days a week. The biggest shocker? My swimming improved greatly! You may be asking how blogging and swimming are related other than being present participles and ending in 'ing' but the answer is that you can be fit in both.

Like in swimming, the more you train the better you become. With that in mind, here are my top tips for being blogging fit.


As a blogger, sometimes you'll feel really flat. You can't feel like you're on top of the world every day. Your blogging core, whether that be your consistency in posting or the values you stand for, will shake at times, but you have to keep going! You'll come out better and stronger for it- with some killer abs to show off, too!


As a blogger, you'll have to skip rope sometimes. Skipping teaches us something that we can apply to the Blogosphere; Sometimes, hurdles will come our way- we just have to jump right over them. 


Crunches. We all know them. We all hate them but as bloggers, we should all be doing them. They're great for chiselling out those killer abs we all so badly want. Blogging is a lot like the motion of a crunch- sometimes you'll be up and sometimes you'll be down. But, a blogger needs those ups to appreciate the lows and needs the downs to appreciate the highs. So, bloggers, keep doing those crunches!


I highly recommend bloggers do their squats- but I don't mean in the gym. The best thing for bloggers is to lower that buttock into a chair and put in the work. Blogging is time-consuming and demands that you put in the work. Unfortunately, blog posts can't write themselves. Squat yourself down into a chair and you'll not only have a peachy derriere but also content to kill for!


Leg raises go really well together with jumping rope- and not just because they involve the lifting of legs. For a blogger, leg raises teach us that you've got to put one foot forwards (...erm, in the air) and keep moving forward. You'll have many challenges as a blogger. On some days you'll feel like throwing in the towel and giving up, but you don't.

So, if you keep planking, jumping rope, crunching, squatting and doing your leg raises then you'll have blogging fitness to envy!

What exercise would you add to this list?

Till next time-

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  1. Haha this is great! Loved it!! Never would've thought of this!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. Steph oh my gosh. 😂 What. This was aweosme!

  3. This was a fun read! 'Lower that buttock into a chair and put in the work', lol! I couldn't agree more. I have a lot of demotivated days, but like you said, it's important to keep going otherwise your content will stagnate and not be at its best. Also, I've had a quick scroll through your site and stuff is refreshing and looks really good, so I've made sure to subscribe on Bloglovin'. Thanks for sharing this!

    Alicia | https://www.alifestyleblog.co.uk

  4. I love this! :)

    -Charlotte x

  5. I would like to add the importance of sleeping to this list. Sleeping is important. I do that all the time. It's great P:

  6. Steph, this is such a strange post, not many people would be about to combine blogging and exercise! And I mean strange in the BEST possible way! You're so imaginative with your content - I loved this post!

    -Em xo

  7. Haha, I love the twist you've given this post! But your points are so true!xx

    Lucy | www.lucy-cole.co.uk

  8. Haha this post really tickled me, but all of the points you make are true! I especially like the 'squat' point - sometimes it's really hard to find the motivation to actually sit down and do some writing, but killer content won't write itself! Fab post, Steph.

    Olivia - The Northernist x

  9. Love this post! Signing up to the blogging gym right now haha.
    Aimsy xoxo

  10. Lol. This was hilarious to read.



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