30 January 2018

Taking My Blog In A New Direction

I usually know exactly how to start a blog post; The words just flow out. I know that there's a problem when they don't come out. Like now. 

10 January 2018

Why I Have 'Rainy-Day' Blog Posts (and So Should You)

I promote honesty here. After all, this is probably the place where I'm the most honest about everything- from personal aspects of my life like being 19 and never been kissed, matters of the heart (whether that be in the online world or offline) and other more light-hearted content. Each post I write has an imaginary 'stamp of integrity' attached to it, or I wouldn't post it.


8 January 2018

5 Things Blogging Hasn't Taught Me

Blogging has taught me many things- and for the things that it hasn't taught me, there's probably a blog out there that could teach me what I need to know. Anyways, before I go scouring the web for what I don't know, here's a list of things that blogging hasn't taught me.

4 January 2018

5 Easy Tips to Being Blogging Fit

There are many words that I use to describe myself: sister, friend, smiley, compassionate and then some less-kind ones, like stubborn if you consider that to be mean- although I'd argue that stubbornness can be a great trait, too, that may just be my stubbornness talking. Anyways, in a former life, I would have described myself as a swimmer, too.

2 January 2018

12 Roles of A Blogger (Other Than A Writer)

Without thinking too much of it, on 30 December, I jotted down this thought on Twitter and shared it with the world, and by the world I mean my 600 followers, my world. Two days later and it has been widely received from all non-existent corners of the world,
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