31 December 2017

Why Do We Kiss on New Year's Eve?

3,2,1... Purse your lips and pucker up... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Have you ever wondered what's behind the tradition of a smooch on New Year's Eve, as the clock strikes 12? Neither have I. However, that changed last night. For many years, I have known of the midnight tradition but, well, have never quite participated in it. That's not my fault, fully, it does take two to do this tango! 

29 December 2017

My Blogging Year in Review || 2017 Edition

We're in the home stretch my blogging buddies! Over the first six months of the year, it felt like this year was taking forever to finish and look at us now, folks! We're in the final stretch. The finish line is in sight and we're about to break the ribbon and call it a year! Look at us!

21 December 2017

What the Hell Have I Done? || 2017 Edition

Although I could very well fall into an existential crisis about the mind-boggling warp that is time, I won't. I'll save that to an offline ramble. For now, I want to look back on my 2017. It has been a year and a half! So much has happened. Here's a little summary:
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