9 November 2017

My Romantic Midnight Walk in the Park

London Park Visit
The time must have just passed 12AM. Not that I would know though. I didn't have a watch or a phone on me. Somewhere between him barging into my room and us finding our way to the local park and me getting lost in his world, meant that I left my phone behind. I was lucky in this regard; That I was able to find someone with whom I could escape. The only other place that I'd ever found that sense of escapism was in the pool, never in a person. This was a lot more fun.
 After ambling around the park, kicking up the crunchy leaves that had fallen over the past few weeks from under us, we stopped on a piece of gym equipment that looked like it belonged in a child's nursery. Yet, for our midnight antics, it was oddly perfect, bringing out the playful side in both of us.

After spending some time on 3 other pieces of equipment, we landed on one that requires two people to sway their hips from side to side opposite one another. Some weeks before, again in the middle of the night, we tried unsuccessfully to sway in sync. This time, we didn't even try. We both silently acknowledged our lack of synchronisation and kept swaying anyways. There we were: Two people who didn't even know the other person existed 2 months ago, swaying in a park all to ourselves. There's something magical about that. I'm sure the turn of the new day had something to do with this too.

"Two people who didn't even know the other person existed 2 months ago, swaying in a park all to ourselves."

When darkness presents itself people have a way of letting their guards down. Maybe it has got to do with the glistening of the moon or the rustle of trees but it's true for me too. Here we were, Steph and William, William and Steph, swaying side by side, gently talking over the slight whistle of the trees that surrounded us and occasionally raising our voices when the odd firework lit up the sky two days after bonfire night. That magic does something to a person. To people.
London Park Visit
A quarter way through the first lap in the park, he asked me if I had a bucket list. I don't tell many people about my blog- and those who know about it only know of small snippets which I choose to disclose. I gave William a snippet in telling him that I had a bucket list on my blog. His snippet. He threatened to try and find my blog which I laughed off and secretly prayed that he wouldn't go do. I think I responded with something along the lines of: "If you do find it, please don't tell me." However, in my mind, I was really thinking: "I've done a pretty good job of hiding it, but you can sure as hell try, William".

"I gave William a snippet in telling him that I had a bucket list on my blog. "

Then, he asked me a question that I've only been asked once before- but never in person. He asked me: "Have you ever written about me?"

I managed a small laugh and a broad smile and looked up at his face. William towers over me in a way that makes me feel safe. He has perfect teeth and brown hair teetering between dark and light. He's definitely an intellectual, but his playfulness becomes apparent more quickly- the intellectual part is the bit I see most often only under the covers of the night and on the paths of the local park.
I looked up at his head above mine and met his blue eyes in the dark with his face partly lit up by the moon and then mottled by the shadows of the trees simultaneously, whilst our bodies swayed side-by-side and replied: "No, I haven't,"

Not yet, I whispered under my breath.

Till next time-
Have you ever had a midnight escapade? Who was it with?


  1. This sounds amazing Steph! I've never had a midninght escapade but I hope I have one one day!

    -Em xo

    1. I hope you get to experience one, too!
      It's rather magical.

      Thanks for the comment, Em!

  2. This sounds like something out of a romance novel- sounds perfect! I'm jealous. I hope to experience something like this one day.

    Aoife x

    1. It does fit the description of a romance novel rather well, doesn't it!
      I hope you get to experience a midnight escapade one day, too!

      Thanks Aoife!

  3. I love this story so much! For some reason, it makes me smile(I'm a sucker for romancešŸ˜).

    #sweetreats xx www.bakingboutiquebirds.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. It brings me so much joy to hear that it made you smile!
      I'm with you in that boat; I'm a sucker for romance, too!

      Thanks ST!

  4. You have a way of writing Steph that always leaves me fangirling to know more about the stories that come from the adventures you have.
    I've never had any midnight escapades. I don't in general venture out my room at night. But the way you wrote this and that you seem to know more of the person under the light of the moon makes me think I should venture out of my bubble a bit.
    But seriously I think you could write a really good romance novel at this point ^_^.

    1. Sophie! That's one of my favourite comments to receive. Thank you!
      Before uni, I never ventured outside of my room at night either! I hope you find a person that you feel safe enough venturing out with! And when you do, I want to hear ALL about it!

      Haha, as promised, if I do, you'll get a signed copy, first!


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