26 October 2017

Street Art District in London| Brick Lane & Notting Hill | Lost in London

Remember way back when I asked you to send me your favourite places to amble around in London? Well, my adventures started off with Richmond Park in London. I loved getting mud on my boots, however, I swopped the mud for pavements and the gravel of city streets and headed to Brick Lane and Notting Hill, both in central London, a few weeks back. I dragged a friend along with me because getting lost in a city is always more enjoyable when you're not alone.

Recommended by who?
These locations were recommended by fellow bloggers: Laura, Rosie and Aoife. I really appreciate getting emails of your favourite places in London for me to trek around. If you would like to suggest a place for me to see in London, feel free to drop me an email at socialspying@gmail.com

Brick Lane
To be honest, I wasn't 100% sure what to expect when you all suggested Brick Lane to me. I knew that there would be street art involved but nothing beyond that. Once my friend and I departed from the train and followed the hoard of others who came off the train with us (which I'm starting to learn is the best way to get yourself out of Tube stations), we came out and saw this fence with a whole lot of locks and a pink balloon. It wasn't much...but I knew I was going to enjoy whatever else came next.

There is a lot of street art, stickers and other artistic happenings where ever one looks. There are so many different styles of art that I'm sure there's something for everyone.

There are also multi-coloured doors for bloggers to use as backdrops. Whether these doors actually lead somewhere or not is another question entirely.

The preservation of history in the UK is something that still continues to surprise me. As you walk around London, there are blue plaques mentioning if someone famous ever lived in there. I think this takes after that idea; I found this little nugget of information very interesting (and relevant) to the area.

Whilst meandering about, we came across this market which gave off the scents which make full stomachs growl. There was such a variety of foods from different cultures. The food was freshly made and most of it hot- which was perfect for the glum day!

Notting Hill
Do you know how many times I have seen bloggers take photogenic shots outside of doors around London? I'll tell you: many times. Obviously, this meant one thing and one thing only- it was my time to take the cliched photos I never thought I would take in front of strangers doors (who are probably way too used to strangers with cameras at their doors).
This street in Notting Hill, South London, is a strip of predominantly white houses with garishly coloured doors.

I made a feline friend! This little furry friend of mine kept meowing at me as if I could open the door and lead him to what I'm pretty sure he wanted- food. As much as I wish that I had the keys to this door, I didn't. 

Portobello Market
The Portobello market is closeby to the pretty houses where I took the above photos. If you do the one, it really is worth the slight trek to visit this place too. Up until I got here, I hadn't actually seen any other species of ours (AKA bloggers) at the entrance of strangers' homes. This changed when I got to the Portobello Market. The area is a strip of charity shops, tourist shops and food stalls.

Pro Blogger Tip: If you veer slightly off to the left of this road at the Portobello Market, there are a row of houses fully painted in different opulent colours. So, as is in a blogger's genes, I went and posed (rather unashamedly) in front of all of them...however, so as not to bore you, here are only two. I guess you'll have to go see what other colour houses they have there for yourself!

Thank you so much to those who recommended these wonderful places to me. I had a great time exploring places that I've often seen from afar in photographs! 

What is the most stereotypical blogger thing that you've ever done?

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  1. THESE ARE SOOO COOL! This makes me want to go visit and explore London even more. It's definitely something that I need to do! :) You look beautiful in all the pictures S! x Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. Thanks so much, N!
      There is an abnormal amount of things to do in London. That still boggles my mind! It's insane. If you get a chance, you have to come back and explore it some more!

  2. This is such an awesome post! I love London but haven't seen Brick Lane yet, in fact I always stay around the centre and I've seen Notting Hill sooo many times haha. I always go to the cliché places, this year I can't wait to go to Oxford Street and see the Christmas lights haha. You took beautiful photos, some of the street art is amazing. Thanks for making me discover this area!

    Julia x

    1. Notting Hill isn't that far from Brick Lane. Next time, you should try get to Brick Lane. I really reccommend it!

      I'm also really looking forward to all the Christmas spirit and festivities!

      I'm so glad I'm able to share my experiences with you!


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