26 October 2017

Street Art District in London| Brick Lane & Notting Hill | Lost in London

Remember way back when I asked you to send me your favourite places to amble around in London? Well, my adventures started off with Richmond Park in London. I loved getting mud on my boots, however, I swopped the mud for pavements and the gravel of city streets and headed to Brick Lane and Notting Hill, both in central London, a few weeks back. I dragged a friend along with me because getting lost in a city is always more enjoyable when you're not alone.

24 October 2017

Why It's Okay to Be A Bad Blogger

I'm a bad blogger. There. I said it. I'm a bad blogger.

Well, that's the thing I'm a bad blogger right now, currently only because I know that I'm not trying my hardest when it comes to posting regularly and keeping up with engagement. I really want to but for some reason, I can't. So, in my mind right now, I'm a bad blogger.

12 October 2017

My Tinder Soulmate Update (the FULL Story)

I bet you thought that there would never be a follow-up to My Tinder Soulmate post. To be honest, I never thought that I would ever write a follow-up post. I guess we were both wrong.

10 October 2017

19 Things I Haven't Learnt At 19

As of this moment in time, I am officially 19 years old. We recently celebrated another birthday on this blog, but last Thursday, it was mine. I remember getting really excited nine years ago when I became 10 because I was finally 'double digits'. Seven-years-ago, when I was 12, I stopped celebrating my halves, like '12-and-a-half'. I miss those days. Maybe in six months time, I'll do a post about being '19-and-a-half' but for now, for today I'm just 19.

8 October 2017

My Adventure in Richmond Park, London | Lost in London

Over the past few months I have asked people to slide into my emails sending me their favourite places in London hoping that when I finally got over here I could go on a whole lost of adventures. 

3 October 2017

What I'm Studying at University + Personal Statement

At some point last week, on Twitter, I realized that I haven't yet mentioned what I'm studying at university- and I'm heading into my third week. As I've mentioned I won't be telling you what uni I'm studying at but I'm so excited to share with you what I'll be studying.
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