26 September 2017

My Teenage Experiences With Alcohol

In grade 10, there was a noticeable peak in my peer's likeliness to going out. Innocent nights ending at 11 became promiscuous, alcohol-fueled jeopardous hours of darkness ending at the dawn of a new day. Clubs became popular; firstly those closer to one's homes and then further and further away. People would arrive at school on Monday and spew out their  latest revelations which their weekend had allowed them with reports of the influx, or lack thereof, of eye-candy and booze.

24 September 2017

I'm A Teenager and I Don't Swear

Do you have a memory from early on in your life which for some odd, unbeknownst reason you remember really well? Well, I do. Here's a hint: Mine involves being 7 years old, swearing and sitting in a McDonalds's drive-thru.

19 September 2017

The Honest Truth About My Move to the UK

To tell you the truth, I've re-written the start of this blog post one thousand times over not knowing where to start- or how. One opening begins "Can I tell you what sucks? When your flatmate knocks on every door in the house offering a 'g and t' (gin and tonic)...except for yours". That was one option. I also thought about starting this by saying "I've felt less like myself in this past week than I have ever before" but then I thought that that would be too much of a depressing beginning. So, in the end. I started with this: "To tell you the truth..."

13 September 2017

My First Day Experiences In The UK


It’s official! I’m typing this post from the United Kingdom!
I’ve been here for a total of two hours and I would be lying if I said that I hadn’t cried yet- and multiple times at that. Home sickness is a bitch. I don’t usually swear on here but special times call for special circumstances. 

5 September 2017

Keeping My University A Secret

There is one aspect about this blog that I hope to never have to compromise one- it’s honesty. This blog is my safe space- my bridge to hide under when it rains. My only hope is that I never do anything to negatively affect the honesty that I write with and the trust that I like to think you have in me.
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