29 August 2017

A Letter From My Blog to You || 2nd Blog Birthday

Dear you,

Now, I must apologise for the way I started this letter. I wish in place of 'you' could be your wonderful name, but let's just go with it, and please forgive me.

22 August 2017

Thieves Broke Into My House and Stole...

When a lot of people think of Africa, I'm going to guess that they think about crime. I never did. Growing up in South Africa meant that I had an opportunity to see the country differently...up until today. At around noon this afternoon, I heard my generally very loud-speaking Greek granny whispering on the phone with my mom, back in South Africa- highly unusual occurrence. I knew something had happened... I just didn't know what.

14 August 2017

How I'm Preparing to Move to London at 18 (Without My Parents)

 One month.

That's all the time between this moment here and the moment that I touch down at London's Heathrow Airport and add another city onto the already longer-than-average list of cities that I call home. I started the whole university application process about a year ago. It's unbelievable to see all those unknowns reveal themselves and lose the 'un' part. It's rather satisfying, too. And scary, but I already spoke about that here.

2 August 2017

Moving to the UK: The Emotional Side

I don't have dreams often. Hardly ever really. Now and again though I wake up knowing I just experienced a fantastically odd adventure in my head. 10 minutes later though, I usually don't remember any of it. A few nights ago, that statement would not have been true. It was a nightmare that I still remember- almost one week on and almost 100%.

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