24 June 2017

Finding My Tinder Soulmate

Despite the stereotypes that follow the millennial generation around, I'm not much into online dating. I think I've always known that. I've often heard about apps like Tinder and stories about how people found love. However, with that comes stories of horrific murders and rapes; That was enough to put me off of online dating... until now.
I've always considered myself attracted to personality- so much so, that no matter how 'hot' a guy is, if they have a crappy personality then scratch them off any list of consideration from me. In my mind, Tinder tosses the personality to the side and foregrounds appearance- which isn't really my way of doing things.

However, about two weeks ago, I backgrounded my opinions and downloaded an app that I had heard very little about- Bumble. Now, so far I've only mentioned Tinder, so what the heck is Bumble? I'm not one forsaking a likening to horny strangers 'sliding into DMs'. This app, unlike Tinder, gives women all the power- which is about time if you ask me. There isn't much to it. You swipe right and another person swipes right. If you want to chat, the woman has to make the first move.
So, one late evening, when darkness encompassed my room, at an hour where bad decisions are at their prime I started swiping.
I think a part of me felt that if I didn't have an online dating profile I was missing out on the ultimate teenage experience; If you put a buffet in front of me, I'll try all and any kinds of foods. Turns out, I'm not quite like that when it comes to a selection of men. 
"Dylan, 18. Swipe left". 
"Mike, 22. Swipe left".
"Sipho, 19. Swipe left"
"Chris, 21" Swipe right.
I think 95% of my two-hour swiping session resulted in my thumb swiftly moving to the left. With fewer matches than expected, a slightly lowered self-esteem and a hatred for all things online dating, I promptly 'left the hive' as I'm putting it.

My experience wasn't seemingly as bad as I thought because two weeks later, after touching down in Greece, curiosity got the best of me and I went sleuthing for those God-like Greek men that are milling about all around me- and my goodness are they everywhere. 
I should add, that my online adventures were ultimately always destined to fail because I doubt I would ever meet a 'match' offline, in the 'real world'. 

With total hesitance and trepidation, I logged into the app I'd heard so much about, Tinder, hoping that something would be different than the time before. I'm not quite sure exactly where or how I was hoping this difference would present itself, but nonetheless, I selected my five favourite pictures hoping the difference would meet me on the other side of the 'log-in' page.

After what felt like 100 Chris's, 50 Dimitris, 30 Spiro's and 9 George's later, I swiped right on a handsome devil, named 'E'- the first and only might I add. 
His bio read:

'E', 21
190cm for GR
Likes science, history, art
Expect bad science jokes
Needless to say, he had me hooked on 'expect bad science jokes' because ladies and gentleman, this is a department that I show particular strength in. NO joke! Get it? Nitrogen and Oxygen! The hopeless romantic in me likes to think that I would never make the first move, however, this is increasingly proving to be a misconception that I have about myself. I saw an opportunity, and boy did I take it with both hands.
"Are you bohring?", I asked.
"Hi, Um I am kinda bored" replied the Greek god of a hunk.
"You're obviously not that great at science then," I bravely teased
"Haha, no, I am", he piped up
"Niels Bohr." I responded, rather chuffed with myself.
"Haha, you get this one", he admitted in defeat

Not really sure of how to continue, I waited. He sent a message again, a joke about a photon this time. Right there and then, I decided that I had met my Tinder soulmate.
We played more games- because that's apparently how this online dating world goes.
We asked each other questions. Each question starting with the letters of the alphabet, in order. I insisted he starts, much to his dismay as he kindly pointed out that 'ladies go first'. Despite his protest, he asked "Are you studying?" to which I answered. Out of utter desperation, I hit back with "Bath or Shower?". He's a shower person. "City or village?" he cross-questioned. This went on back and forth revealing at times funny and sometimes sad and sensitive sentiments. 'J' saw me batting another desperate attempt asking 'Japan or Brazil'. "Japan" he replied. 'Q' hit him hard; In a ditch effort he asked "Quill or pen". Science jokes aside, there was definite chemistry.

We both faltered towards 'v', with me ultimately asking "Zig-zag or straight line" when 'z' got around because it's all about finishing off strong, right? For a bit, we switched over to talking in Greek.
He doesn't smoke, he doesn't party abnormally often, he's a handsome fella, speaks good English (and Greek), funny, into science jokes and intelligent. He's the perfect guy, too bad I'll never speak to him again.
I waited one day, no message. With that, I kept swiping. 

5 Dimitris, 11 Georges, 1 Hilias and who knows what else later, I deleted Tinder. They just weren't 'E'.

I'll never know if 'E' felt it too, but there was something there as far as Tinder matches go. Too bad we'll never speak again.

I guess all the jokes argon and it's time to barium.

Would you ever try online dating? What has your experience been like so far?

Till next time-


That's one thing off my Girl Vs Greece Bucket list.

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  1. This was such a cool and unique post! I'm not one for online dating but I feel like you branched out here and that makes me so proud.

    YOU GO GIRL! x Nikita
    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    PS: Love your outfit

    1. I did branch out... didn't I!
      Thanks, N! I so enjoyed writing it, too!

      I'm wearing a fun patterned jumpsuit-thing.

      As always, thank you, N!

  2. This was such an interesting post! I don't know if I'd ever try out online dating, but you portrayed such an interesting experience!

    1. An interesting experience indeed!

      I always said that I'd never try online dating...yet here I am.

      Thanks for reading, JG!

  3. what an story! Hope you can meet someone to meet, althought just to be friends! Do you know if exsists any app to meet people only to be friends?
    I've never had the necessity to meet couple with an specify app, but I have to say that is a good tool to make easy to meet new people! I also have a long list of funny stories of guys who tried to flirt with me by Instagram, even I already have boyfriend!

    1. I think it's great to always start outs friends and remain best friends throughout a relationship.
      Yes! You can be 'just friends' with people on Bumble, too. You just select different type of profiles.

      Online dating is definitely a quick and effortless way to meet new people.

      AH BOYS! Some will flirt no matter your relationship status.

      You should tell your stories over on your blog! I'd love to read that, C!

  4. I've always been curious about dating apps and I totally agree that it seems like there's this feeling that you're missing out on being young and free if you aren't trying them. I've been in a happy relationship for almost three years, so have no need for the app, but there's still a part of me that feels as if i'm put into a category of settling down too soon, boring and un adventurous by not being on them. xx Great post xx

    Sophia x http://sophiawhitham.co.uk

    1. That's an interesting emotion to feel! But I understand why you'd feel un-adventurous. You're not though. You just found love without the help of online dating! GO YOU!

      Thanks Sophia!

  5. I hope you find your special someone soon! :)


    1. Thank you!

      That's the plan one day!

  6. Okay I got completely hooked from this post. I don't normally read every word in a blog post because there are so many blogs I want to check out, but I haaadd to with this one, it was too damn hilarious. Shame about the Greek God of a Tinder match, he sounded great! I recently downloaded Tinder just to see what all the fuss was about, and it's not my thing at all. Like you, I do personality first, and this completely renders all that to nothing. But tbh I do feel kinda powerful being able to disregard or accept people by swiping :')

    Little Moon Elephant

    1. Amy, I re-read and re-read your comment. I think it's the highest compliment to read every word of a post. Thank you.

      He was great, I was the idiot.
      Ah, so you have similar emotions when it comes down to Tinder and personality.
      It does feel good, a bit odd, but good.

      Thank you Amy!
      I really appreciate your comment!

  7. Anonymous25 June, 2017

    I love the way you told this story !
    Great post ! I am not into online dating at all ! I like more spontaneous date where people talk without thinking of what they are going to say !

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
      I think that this seems to be the case with a lot of people.
      Spontaneity can be found in Tinder, too, but I get what you're saying.

      Thanks for reading!

  8. I never experienced online dating before and I think I prefer it personal. But, your post is cute. I know that butterfly feeling when you see someone interesting and attractive ahhh! Hope you'll find your special someone in the future ;)

    PS. You're beautiful in the pictures :)

    Homed: Life in Sugar & Spice

    1. After experiencing both, I can confirm that I'm a personality gal, too!

      I hope I find him too, one day!

      Thank you, Fi!

  9. I really can't see myself on Tinder or other online dating apps, but ahah I giggled at this post!!! Thank you for sharing, hope you're having the best time in Greece x

    Caterina | caterinasosso.com

    1. Glad it gave you a laugh! I really enjoyed writing it.

      I am LOVING my time Greece!

      Thanks Caterina!

  10. I've been in a relationship for quite a while so I've never got to experience all these dating apps so it's really interesting to read your experience - love your little science joke!

    Musings & More

    1. Glad someone appreciates my jokes!

      Happy to provide insight into online dating antics!

      Thanks Emily!

  11. Awww it's such a shame when things don't work out how they want to, but I always think that they don't for a reason and that reason often leads you down the right path:)xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

    1. That's true!
      I'll just meander down paths as they appear!

      Thanks Lauren!

  12. Love they way you've written this, humorous and interesting! I've never been a dating app person, mainly because I've been in a relationship for the past three years but I love to hear peoples stories and I have many friends who mt their partners online, it's a strange technological world we live in! x

    - Eternalleigh.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks Leigh!
      It is a strange world indeed!

      I also know of a lot of people who have started serious relationships from Tinder. Online dating makes it easy to meet people with similar intentions.

      Your stopping by is ALWAYS appreciated!

  13. The best thing about this is YOU and how you stepped out of your comfort zone to put yourself out there! You kick ass girl. Even if your Greek God man only lasted a moment, what this really says is you're a kick ass chick with guts :). Keep doing what you do and maybe he'll be lucky enough to stumble upon you again.

    Susie | http://milehighdreamers.com

    1. WOW!

      Thank you!

      He only lasted a minute, but maybe that's just how it was meant to be.
      I did step out of my comfort zone! You're right.

      Thanks Susie!

  14. This is really interesting also those photos are awesome!

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

  15. really cute jumper! its perfect for summer and you look great in it!! xx

  16. I had a good giggle at this post! I love the way you described this whole experience. My friends and I occasionally swipe on tinder as a group, just to see the funny messages we get, but I've never really used it seriously (and can't imagine meeting someone from it).

    New England Gothic

    1. I've seen the group swiping Tinder feature but I've neVer tried it. I wouldn't even know where or how to begin that!

      I also say that I would never meet anyone...but that could change.

      Thanks Fi!

  17. I love that you two connected over science jokes. That's kinda really adorable. Also, I think you're smart for being attracted to personality over looks. Stick to that. ;)




    1. It is very sweet isn't it! It kinda became an inside joke between us, for a bit!

      I agree! I'll stick to that!

      Thanks and always appreciated, Bobbi!

  18. Hi! Found your blog somewhere and the title of this post caught my attention. Basically, this is the first post I read from your blog and I 100% enjoyed it!! Very interesting! Keep it up!


    1. Thank you so much for those words of encouragement and motivation!
      I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it! I hope you stick around for more, Yanni!

  19. I've been on Tinder a lot and it's not really my thing - I find it really disheartening when people just stop talking to you. I loved this post though.


    1. Thanks so much, Rosa!
      At least you tried it out; You should be proud of that!

  20. I finally bit the bullet with curiosity as well and tried out Tinder and I had a really similar experience. There was a bit of talking, a bit of flirting but then ultimately it went no where and I ended up deleting the app!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. I find that some people absolutely love the world of online dating and the casual flirting (and the disappearing act) that comes with it. However, it looks like you and I both fall into another category!

  21. What a shame you didn't hear from him again. One day you will find your perfect match.

    1. I hope I find my perfect match, too, one dy.
      Everything happens for a reason.
      Thanks for the comment.

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. A great blog post! I really hope you find your perfect match very soon! I was very lucky to have found mine and we married 5 months ago after we both swiped right 3 years ago. All the best with your quest in finding love, whether it be through tinder or another app! Tess x http://musichelpsmebreathe.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Wow! Your story is amazing! Just imagine if you hadn't been online that night or one of you accidentally swiped the wrong way, you wouldn't be where you are today, together.

      Thanks Tess!

  24. Hey, this was a really witty, entertaining post :) I just wanted to say that I'd never thought much of Tinder given its reputation so I;d never felt compelled to download it. However, about a year ago I downloaded it on a whim (it's a bit of a story). My expectations were low but as I had no prior dating experience whatsoever I hoped I'd at least be able to build upon it. While frustrating at time I actually went out with two guys who I met on there, one for one month and one for eight, so I guess it is possible to meet people on there? I would consider trying it again since it did work for me the first time. I guess it's just another way of connecting people really, like any real life situation. It's a shame about the creeps and the people who seemingly disappear

    1. Thank you for sharing your story, Amanda! The creeps and the 'ghosts' are inevitable when it comes to online dating. Luckily though, the creepers are easily avoided by ignoring them. I admire that you had the guts to go out with people. I've never gone out with a stranger. I find the thought of that rather scary.

      i'm glad you got some romance out of it! Eight months is quite a while!


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