23 May 2017

My Take on Terror

In the early hours of this morning, I woke up like I do on most nights; Met with the darkness and loneliness of the 2nd or 3rd hour of the new day. I rolled over, as I always do, to check the time. This morning, I was half way between the two hours. 02:29. With some form of insomnia creeping over and into my body, I couldn't sleep. Unusually, I decided to seek companionship in my Facebook timelines, which at every odd 3 AM visit, consists of cat videos, photos from the late night partyers and Trump. This morning was different- minus Trump.
In place of cat videos was talk of shrapnel. In place of iridescent lights and smiles were the alert and alarming ambulance lights, blood and bandages. My midnight grogginess faded very quickly. My timeline was filled with news outlets offering the latest on a suspected terror incident in Manchester. Bullet points summarizing the night appeared on my timeline.
  • 19 individuals dead
  • Another 59 Injured
  • A suicide bomber is suspected as the perpetrator
  • Incident occurred at the conclusion of an Ariana Grande concert
Scrolling through endless photographs showing fear, pain, shock and terror and playing videos of the event on the lowest volume so that I could just hear the sound, without waking up my family became too much. I flipped over my phone and used it as a light to guide me to my parent's room. I couldn't go through the night alone, anymore. I turned to Facebook, as I rarely did when I found myself awake at 2 AM, seeking joy and a chuckle before I forced myself back to sleep. Today, was different.

At what was now 3 AM, I bundled myself next to my mom, unable to sleep. As my mom always has, at all times of the day, she offered me her ear.
By this stage, I knew amongst the killed must be children. I imagined the lives of young people lost before they'd even had a chance to live; Had they had their first love? Their first kiss? Was this their first concert? Had they been writing exams and excited to be finishing another year? Maybe they just reached double digits in age- which I remember being so excited about. Had they had a chance to live? Without knowing it, tears began to trickle down the centre of my face, under my nose, eventually finding themselves onto my lips.

I can't fathom how man's hate can be so consuming that it warrants the death of others- and we've seen it many a time, like in Paris, Belgium, Turkey, Syria and beyond. One may disagree with another's ideologies, beliefs and creeds- that's one's right- but to kill someone for having opposing beliefs? I can't begin to imagine the resentment and anger. Is disagreeing not enough?

Today, I woke up and immediately went back to my Facebook timeline:
  • 22 Dead
  • 59 Injured
  • PM Calls Cobra meeting
  • Ariana Grande Tweets 
Like I have many times before, when the Turkish airport was a target, when a chemical attack struck Syria, when the Bataclan incident occurred and more recently, when a man and women lost their lives on the Westminster Bridge in London, I will watch the day unfold from my TV thousands of miles away from the terror yet so close emotionally .

With all the love, solidarity and compassion in my heart, I stand with the people of the world who have unfairly been a victim of any terror. My hope is that one day, our words, our fight and our actions (no matter how seemingly small or large) become enough so that all form of terror cease to exist.

Till next time-


  1. Beautiful words Steph, it's incredible heartbreaking to see these people affected in such a way for doing absolutely nothing wrong. It's devastating to realise that most of these victims had their entire lives ahead of them and I can't begin to imagine the grief felt by families and terror in those who still have no idea whether their loved ones are OK.

    It really makes you question humanity and what this world has become that these events are still happening and what could have caused so much hatred, but we continue to stand by each other and I'm again in awe of how amazingly we, as a community, are yet again dealing with another tragedy. We can only hope that the kindness and support and love spread will eventually rub off onto these people consumed by hatred and the world becomes a better place.

    JosieVictoriaa // Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

    1. Thanks Josie!

      Bombs do not discriminate. It's heart-breaking that parents and young children fell victim to a man filled with hate.

      Similarly, I cannot begin to imagine the pain. Many families, whose children were initially missing, are now being identified (but with severe burns) or found to be dead.

      We can only hope that there will come a day when these attacks become a thing of the past.

      Lovely words and thoughts, Josie!

  2. It's so heartbreaking to hear this, especially when it hits so close to home. I can't even imagine what I felt like when I this happened here in Belgium. It's even more scary when people you go to school with were injured. Thanks for sharing these lovely words. x Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. Wow Nikita!

      It must have been incredibly frightening! I'm sure you and your friends psychologically have not even recovered.

      Thank you, Nikita!

  3. Anonymous24 May, 2017

    This is a lovely post!
    I'm from Manchester and it was definitely a shock to wake up and find out this had happened in my own city.
    We always come together in times of crisis though and if you've seen all the pictures from last nights vigil you'll know we're a strong city :)
    Thanks for your kind words!

    Coffee & Avocados

    1. Wow! I'm so incredibly saddened by everything that your city has gone through this week!

      You most definitely are united and standing side by side. It's inspiring and uplifting!

  4. This is such a well-written and beautiful post, Steph. I can't stop thinking about it and how close to home it is for me. I can't stop thinking about the amount of children that were there and how their parents will explain something like this. I can't stop thinking about how we are all one species and how someone could want to do something like this to their own kind. It has really shaken me to my core, but I also feel like a sliver of good has come from it.
    There has been so much recognition for the emergency services and even strangers that helped everyone escape to safety. Not only has the UK come together against this force as a stronger unit, but the whole world joined as one. While that doesn't take away from how devastating this whole event has been, it's definitely some sort of light in the darkness.
    We can only hope that kindness will one day outweigh the bad.

    Olivia - The Northernist x

    1. Thank you, Olivia! I hope I did my feelings of anguish and horror justice, as well as capture the sadness of it all.

      What beautiful words, Olivia!
      I share your sentiments entirely. Good has come from this incident, just in the most unfortunate of circumstances.

      The hate and love of some can be so extreme. It's incredible.

      Thank you for such a thoughtful comment!

  5. This is a nice post Steph and very timely. We are currently under martial law in Mindanao of Philippines because of terrorism, if you heard about it. I honestly don't understand why terrorism involves taking lives of innocent people. I hope that our president will end this chaos once and for all.


    1. I hadn't heard about this, Fiona.
      I have, however, heard about President Duterte's antics.
      It's so unfortunate that terrorism affects the innocent's lives. It's an unfair repercussion of hate.

      Stay safe, Fi!

      Thank you for leaving lovely comment, so frequently!

  6. You've expressed the shock and sadness so succinctly. Beautiful words trying to make sense of these confusing and dark times. Very best wishes to you. Xxxx

    Keep Calm and start writing -

    1. Thank you Amelia!

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment!

  7. Beautifully written post Steph. We're from Manchester but live 4000 miles away in Florida. It was absolutely terrifying and heartbreaking hearing the news. Thinking about it brings us to tears and we truly wish we could be home right now, standing with all the amazing people of Manchester who have all just been incredible during this time. Sharing thoughts and being able to connect with other bloggers and seeing all the light, support and positivity has been somewhat inspiring at such a terrible time. As horrible as that feels to say, after such a horrible event, it really has been eye opening to see the love that is being spread.
    Nothing but love,
    Lucy xxx


    1. I can only imagine the heartache you felt when you heard about what occurred- especially when you're so far away.

      There can be so much positivity and love on the internet in the gloomiest of times; It truly is inspiring!

      I hope all your loved ones are safe!


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