18 May 2017

The Unexpected Story of How I Started Blogging

How I started blogging?
The Tour de France.
Sometimes thoughts pop into my mind at the most non-nonsensical times. These seemingly spontaneous thoughts of mine, as of late, have related largely to blogging. This morning, I was in the car heading out for the day, when I had a resounding epiphany- this thought came as such a shock that I think I vocally gasped (there were no passengers in the car so you'll just have to take my word for it). Social Spying isn't my second blog, as I'd always apparently wrongly assumed. It's actually my third. The story of how Social Spying came to be, is all because of blog number one- the blog I'd almost entirely forgotten about.. until today.

My 8th-grade technology teacher doubled as my French teacher. One task required that we start a blog about the Tour de France, the famous bike race that passes through France and its neighbouring countries every year- how's that for combining his teaching? With the task in hand, spanning the period of the famous bike race, I wrote and maintained a blog, all with the ever-trustworthy Google Translate by my side.

Day in and day out, I commented on the sporting event in whatever little French I knew- and I do mean little. Take a moment to picture what this blog must have read like to a Frenchman; It sounds like a downright cringe-worthy disaster if you ask me! Language barrier aside, I came to love the process that came with blogging. First I fell in love with writing, then researching, storytelling and finally, interacting with my only reader, my French teacher.

In the end, I got about 60% for the project- but I wholly blame Google Translate for that- pardon! So, if blog number one taught me anything, it never uses Google Translate... and that differently patterned jerseys matter more than one would think.The project first introduced me to Blogger and how to use the site. It was almost like a test run for the blog that was to come. I came to love blogging in French so much so that I could only hope that my passion would be even greater in English. I deleted all shuddering evidence of blog one's existence. The day my French task ended, was the day that blog 2 began.

Deleting blogs becomes a trend because within a year, my second blog became history; As far as I know, it's deleted and obliterated from the internet. With blog 2 (rather regrettably) gone, the next logical step (with a hiatus in between) was to start blog 3, Social Spying. 

I think my blog-deleting days are done. Social Spying is here to stay. But, if it weren't for my French failure and oddly, the Tour de France, this blog probably wouldn't exist.

Let me know in the comments below: What prompted you to start your blog? How many blogs did you have before your current one?
Till next time-



  1. I think that might be the best way to combine those two classes. :) Cool story!

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

    1. Thanks Nabila!

      Combining the two subjects like he did was very clever!

      Very glad you enjoyed the story.

  2. This is such an interesting story! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Always glad to provide a good story, Jolly!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This is an interesting story Steph!
    I always like to write my thoughts and feelings plus I was quite influenced from the different bloggers I have checked in the internet :)


    1. A blog is a wonderful place to jot down your thoughts and feelings!

      Thanks Fiona!

  4. I started my first blog in 2009 when I was 15. My four walls. A blog I still keep but only I can see hahaha. Then I had 3 other blogs with different stories (that was a trend). And another blog under another name where I post short stories. Blogging is part of me!

    Elephant on the road is different. It's helping me to go through my quarter of life crisis hahaha. And I feel is more mature and professional.

    xx, Melissa

    1. 2009! Wow! So, you've been at this for a while! At least you didn't delete it!

      It definitely looks like blogging is in your genes!

      HAHA! At least now you'll always be able to look back on you 'quarter life crisis'.

      Thanks for sharing, Melissa!

  5. I love this cause it is so interesting! Really amazing!
    Kiki x www.kikibeingkiki.com

    1. Thanks Kiki!

      I appreciate you stopping by!

  6. That's so interesting. It's fascinating how people start blogging. Everyone's experience is different. Mine was sparked by my English teacher and Scarlett Curtis ( a goddess who I hugely admire ) ^_^

    1. It is fascinating!

      Wow! That's amazing, M! Your English teacher must have been incredibly inspiring!


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