31 May 2017

My List of Lasts

It's the end of May! I'm not quite sure what happened to January, February, March and April but somehow we got to May in a blink of an eye. Blink one more time. There's May gone by, too. Tomorrow is officially the 6th month of the year. WHAT?!

28 May 2017

24 May 2017

I'm Moving to A New Country... And It's Further Than You Think

This isn't the kind of post where I tell you that I'm packing my bag and moving down the street. I'm not moving across town, either. I'm moving to a whole new continent, in another hemisphere, on the other side of the world. I'm moving to London.

23 May 2017

My Take on Terror

In the early hours of this morning, I woke up like I do on most nights; Met with the darkness and loneliness of the 2nd or 3rd hour of the new day. I rolled over, as I always do, to check the time. This morning, I was half way between the two hours. 02:29. With some form of insomnia creeping over and into my body, I couldn't sleep. Unusually, I decided to seek companionship in my Facebook timelines, which at every odd 3 AM visit, consists of cat videos, photos from the late night partyers and Trump. This morning was different- minus Trump.

21 May 2017

Quick and Simple Blog Makeover Tips to Implement Now (and Improve Your Blog)

Blogs are so much more than writing. They don't just have to sound good; They've got to look the part too. Aesthetics can make a huge difference in upping the way that people perceive your blog. Your blog is your creative space. You should use design to add value to your blog.

18 May 2017

The Unexpected Story of How I Started Blogging

How I started blogging?
The Tour de France.

16 May 2017

List of 60 New Blogs To Get Your Eyes on Now

 I've been blogging for nearly two years now, but I've only come to learn about the most important aspect of blogging in the last few months- community. There are a handful of people whom I have come to grow very fondly of; They are listed here. Some blogs have made me laugh from joy, others have shocked and surprised me and some have riveted me, they too can be found here.

14 May 2017

Basic Beginner's Guide to Pinterest: Step-By-Step

I remember creating a Pinterest account and having NO idea what the hell was going on- not one clue. I was probably as clueless as a new-Pinterest user gets. However, I'm very glad to tell you that I've come a very long way from Steph circa. 2013. 

I've spent a lot of time on Pinterest lately, figuring out the tricks and tools needed to optimally use the seemingly confusing site. I've spent the time navigating Pinterest so you don't have to. If you're a new Pinterest user, or interested in becoming one, here's a step-by-step guide, which I promise offers insight into the world of Pinterest (which isn't as daunting as you may think).

12 May 2017

My Life In Numbers

We don't think about it often (or I don't anyways), but numbers largely influence our life. Letters help tell us things about ourselves- like through writing- but numbers can do the same.

10 May 2017

Surprisingly Simple Steps to Take to Improve Your Blog Writing (and See the Difference)

Essentially, a blog post is most often the arrangement of letters to make words. It goes without saying that behind every great blog, is usually a great communicator. Great writing capabilities can definitely be a useful arsenal to have in your corner.

3 May 2017

19 & Never Been Kissed

UPDATE: AS OF VALENTINE'S DAY 2018, THIS POST IS NO LONGER TRUE. I had my first kiss on the 'day of love' in the rain, at 19-years-old. You can read about my FIRST KISS HERE

As a naturally curious being, I often used to ask my friends when they had their first kiss (a particularly frequent question in my early days of high school). Often, and to my utter disappointment, I'd be met with answers like "when I was 11, Steph" or "when I was 13". Eventually, I stopped asking people because at 18 years and 210 days old I've never been kissed.
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