13 March 2017

Where Are You From?

I am...

In the Milky Way Galaxy,

In this specific little spot,

on planet Earth,

On the African continent,

In a country called South Africa,

In a city called Johannesburg,

In my room, on my computer typing this...

I went scouring through Google Analytics the other day which is a brave feat for me; I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing when I'm met with sessions, page views, graphs and other tabulated figures but I thankfully stumbled upon this map, because it is something I could understand!

It's incredible to me, to think about languages, accents and how different accents develop for the same language in different geographical locations. The world is an incredible place.

Since beginning Social Spying, the blog has been visited by people in these blue cities, on the map below. I don't have a large audience, but this representation has made me realize the power of the internet's far-reaching impact- and boy is it far reaching! I post something and a person, whom I have never met, reads my words on a screen to the West, East and North of the place that I wrote them...I'm working on South.

If one of these cities is blue because you've visited my blog before, thank you. If you're visiting this blog for the first time, then you're either adding more blue circles or you're making the circle bigger- your city's circle and the blogging community's.

People always say to be your own biggest fan.You see that non-translucent, dark blue circle that takes up the southern part of Africa? That's me. I swear I'm not as blogging-selfobsessed as I look, I just like to make sure my posts are aligned, my header is straight and my 'about' page is the best it could be- that's all. 


I would love to hear what city you find yourself in as you read through this post. Do let me know in the comments below. If you could be in any other city, where would you want to be and why?

Till next time-


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  1. I thought that was a picture of Hailee Steinfield but then realised it must be you XD
    Well I'm visiting from Ireland ( *waves* ) which seems to have a big dot over it or else the UK. Google analytics sound cool. I check statistics in the blogger dashboard which just names the countries that are visiting your blog. Canada and the US are topping that chart today ^_^
    A country I would love to be in.... hmm... I'll say Denmark or maybe Italy. Can't speak either language though :/

    1. It's funny that you should say that, because just recently someone said the exact same thing. I don't personally think we look anything alike...despite maybe only the same hair colour.

      WELCOME, IRELAND!! I'm chuckling to myself imagining my posts being read in other accents.

      You should really give Google Analytics a try. It's way more accurate (and sometimes disappointingly so) than the Blogger Dashboard.

      I've never been to either country...but I'd like to go to both some day!

      Thanks Marian!

  2. I totally agree; the global aspect of the blogging community is downright awesome! I write this from the United States :) I wish you luck in your blogging journey and hope to read more of your posts real soon! :D

    1. Hey, U.S.A!

      Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Hey Steph! I'm from Hyderabad, India :D
    And it's crazy and incredible how blogs get such a global audience.


    1. Hey Ritz,

      It really is seriously impressive and dumbfounding!

      I've never been to India, but I've heard a lot about it through friends and documentaries!

  4. This is such a cool idea! It's crazy how many people I've met through blogging, from places I've visited and also from places that I've never visited. x Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. That's the incredible power of the internet!

      It never ceases to amaze me!

  5. Haha I see myself :p this is one of my favorite functions on google analytics tbh! But I only found this like twice? I keep forgetting where it is every time I check up on analytics e-e that place is still a complicated site for me...


    1. You see yourself! Yay!

      I agree with you whole-heartedly. It is extremely complicated- to the extent that it's frustrating to use. If you go to 'geo' and then click 'city' you'll find the map.

  6. Hey Steph,
    I think the analysis is very interesting for blogger. It's funny my blog is more often visited by the USA than Germany.
    Love, lea

    1. Hey Lea,

      That is interesting! The U.S.A is high up for me as well- it beats South Africa...but that doesn't really surprise me.

      Love from sunny South Africa!

  7. Hi from Los Angeles! I love this post so much. Blogging does make the world feel more like a small community. I think that's one of my favorite things about blogging.

    Also - solid work on that photo of you at your desk. The disappearing legs really makes the picture. ;)


    1. Hey, LA!

      Haha, I thought I'd reveal my absolute genius photo manipulation skills ;) It was just too unfair to keep it a secret from the rest of the world!

      Thanks for the comment and the follow!

  8. I don't like to comment in old posts because I think that maybe you won't read this but... I couldn't miss to comment here! I also I'm curious to know who reads me, because I receive a lots of visits from people from countries that the people who comment in my blog aren't from (like South America!)

    I'm sure I'm the big spot near Barcelona (Spain, next to Mediterranean sea), because that's where I live!
    It's so cool that you are from South Africa, you are the person who I met that lives the most far!

    1. Hi Cilia!

      You could comment on my very first post and I'd still see it! It's so exciting that people from all sorts of weird and wonderful places visit your blog.

      I'm the furtherest away? Yay! Thanks for always supporting me- you're more than a dot to me.

  9. Wow, I loved reading this! It was so amazing to see such a range of people visiting your blog and the perspective you have on it. I'm visiting from a town in North East England called Middlesbrough, not too far away from Newcastle. It's so interesting that you're from South Africa. I've never been, but I'd absolutely love to! My boyfriend is from KwaZulu-Natal, so a trip back to his home country is definitely on the cards!

    Olivia - The Northernist x

    1. Middlesbrough! I've heard of it but unfortunately, I've only been to London.

      KZN (KwaZulu-Natal) is such a lovely province. It's about an 8 hour drive from where I live (or an hour flight). When you come to SA, be sure to visit Cape Town, too!

  10. This is one of my absolute favourite things to do. I love seeing how far my blog has reached, I think it's incredible.

    I'm from Melbourne, Australia by the way! And I've wanted to visit Joburg for a while now, hopefully I can make that a reality sometime in the near future :)


    1. It is incredible!

      I love how you're already calling it 'Joburg' as opposed to 'Johannesburg'. You sound like a local already!

      I know a lot of South Africans that end up living in Australia. It's a popular place for South Africans- they seem to feel like home there.

    2. Hahah when I was travelling around Europe I met quite a few South Africans and not once did I hear them call it 'Johannesburg' so I picked it up quick!

  11. This is my all time favourite thing to look at. I don't really monitor it, but I get fascinated by wondering what my readers lives are like haha.

    I'm from Manchester in England BTW :) Always wanted to visit South Africa!

    The Crown Wings

    1. Yay! I'm not alone!
      I often see the names of cities that I've never heard of!
      It's also one of my favourite things to do!

      Thanks J!

  12. In Glasgow
    I'll be honest I would choose to be anywhere else -it's bloody freezing!

    1. I've heard that it's very cold there.
      Ah, I can't imagine!
      I like the whole doom and gloom of winter- minus the cold.

  13. I suck at analytics and stats but I've seen a list of countries from which people read my blog and it's really impressive and I was so surprised.
    I'm here for the first time and, as far as I can see, I just added one more blue spot - Croatia, Europe :)
    also, I wouldn't like to move anywhere but I really really really want to visit New York for about a month :D

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

    1. Yeah! You should be very impressed by your space on the internet!

      THANKS FOR ADDING ANOTHER SPOT! I'd love to visit Croatia one day. From what I've seen in pictures, it looks beautiful!

      New York is exactly what you'd imagine it to be. I hope you get to go there some day!

  14. Late to the party...I'm in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK! I deffo wish I was away somewhere warm right now though.
    I always find the 'location' part interesting, its fascinating to know people from all over the world might actually be reading something on your little corner of the internet!

    Aimsy xoxo

    1. At least it's gotten a bit (okay, a lot) warmer since you wrote this comment!
      I love that too! It's SO SO exciting!


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