17 February 2017

Thoughts On Our Blogging Community

Since I began blogging, on one sizzling and flaming summer's day in Greece, almost two years ago, I have often shrieked from excitement at the notification of a new comment or someone 'sliding' into my inbox. I've read posts from other bloggers who seem to think that there is no blogging community, or that this seemingly once-existent and thriving community has dwindled into the endless, unlit dark bogs of the blogging world (or blogosphere as I hear it's called). I think that this is far from the truth.
Since beginning this Social Spying journey, I have felt a great sense of community. I visit my favourite blogs daily and communicate constantly with fellow bloggers- as I know others do. Furthermore, I have rarely seen displays of discrimination or slander on both Blogspot and Weebly platforms. For a generation that has been deemed 'self-obsessed' and 'arrogant', we're doing well in this Blogger community.

"The large number of bloggers can only be testament to our confidence as a generation."

The large number of bloggers can only be testament to our confidence as a generation. If it's not full and utter confidence in ourselves than it's a confidence in a need to express a thought or an innate need to showcase a segment of the talent that lies within each of us- whether it be writing poetry or novels, styling or make-up. How is that not impressive? Myself, alongside thousands of middle-schoolers, fashion gurus, religion praisers, hipsters, moms and dads, girls and boys and other ladies and gentleman pop our 'thinking bubbles' and actualize our thoughts into words on the technological version of a paper. 

If a day has been particularly difficult, I have no reservations in saying (or typing rather) that people whom I have had the unbounded pleasure and opportunity to have 'met' on this very platform will offer me a virtual smile, a shoulder to lean on and a whole host of usually well-written words (on the account of the blogging, of course!).

I really do sense a community on the rise. And if not on the rise, than a community that is being revived from that deep dark blogging core that I've read so much about. 

"Maybe I'm 'spying' on the blogging world through rose-tinted glasses. But I don't think so"

Maybe I'm 'spying' on the blogging world through rose-tinted glasses. But I don't think so. I think that I'm onto something here. Let me know if you agree. And please, feel free to oppose me; I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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    *anyhoo* after blogging for almost 5 years now ( *wow, I feel old*) I have to say that I have come across a few communities. Usually there are these little bubbles of communities that all together make one big one. I used to be part of one but people change and stop blogging or drift in a different direction. I probably know more used-to-be-bloggers than current-bloggers right now. But I see a few more bubbles growing everytime I read a new post.
    For instance this one, I now have six new blogs to checkout and hopefully follow.
    Thank you Steph! ^_^

    1. Marian!

      It is an absolute pleasure to include you on my list. I really do consider you a part of my blogging community.

      Blogging for 5 years is quite the feat- and one which you should be very proud of. I have definitely noticed that bloggers and hence their blog waft in and out of our little world- which is often a shame, as some seem to be very good.

      You've highlighted a good point; Although one community diminishes, another ascends.

      I hope you enjoyed the other blogger's content.

  2. This is awesome and so true! Love this post. :)

    1. Hi Nabila,

      I'm so glad you like it. I'm heading over to your blog now to check out your content.

  3. awwwww thanks for including me on the list TT I'm crying because it was very unexpected, you are so sweet to consider me!
    And sure I will visit the other blogs you recommend, because they must be cool girls too!

    And answering what you talk about a community, I agree with Marian's comment, I blog since a lot of years (almost 10 :O) and I had seen and took part from a few communities, because a lot of people comes and goes, it's comforting when you met people who have a lot in common in blogs, but sad when they stop blogging, some of them because they have to study or other responsabilities, or some of them continue on other places (instagram, youtube) and I know a lot of this kind of people :( But I'm always open to meet people and find new blogs, this year I wanted to get serious with the blog (last year I was very busy, this year too, but less) and now I'm discovering again a lot of new and interesting blogs, as your blog!

    1. Cilia, you are very much my blogging friend! Of course I would include you.

      Blogging for nearly 10 years is absolutely incredible! I hope I reach that number (and more) in the years to come.

      I've noticed, that people get busy and surrender their pens, unfortunately, but also understandably. Blogging is definitely a labour of time and love.

      What changes have you noticed in your blog this year, since taking blogging seriously? I love reading through blogs. It's one of my favourite things to do.

  4. First of all, THANK YOU FOR PUTTING ME ON THE LIST! I love your blog as well and it honestly made my day reading that other bloggers appreciate the work that I put into my blog (just like you of course!).

    What you spoke about here today really hit home with me. I used to have a blog before the one I had now, and I came across so many "communities" with other bloggers. Although not all communities may be like the ones I used to be a part of, it really opened my eyes. Maybe that's a story for another day.

    But this new community that I feel like I'm a part of is just so different. It really feels like I have made new friends, even though I can't actually meet them. I guess it just depends on the group you're a part of. I was thinking about creating a new community to bring bloggers. Maybe we should plan something?

    xx Nikita
    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. Of course! I'm so happy to include you in my little blogging community. A little appreciation of blogs goes a long way.

      Let me know what you have in mind. I'm all ears!

      Thank you for your comment, Nikita.

  5. Aww Steph thank you so much for adding me in the list! I know I'm not the most active blogger around here and I don't comment regularly, but whenever I do sign in to see my feed, your blog is one of the first blogs I click on :)
    I am also admittedly a terrible person to stay in contact with (your email is still there in my drafts ;-; but something or the other always comes up). I'm still really glad you consider me part of your community! It really heartens me to know that people are okay with me taking forever to respond cause real life is so busy and I'm trying hard to stay afloat in school. Honestly, sitting down to go through my feed and seeing a post from you is a real treat and I hope you continue being fabulous as always. Please remember that even though I might not be able to comment or even be able to read all of the amazing posts you write, I genuinely enjoy your blog and whole-heartedly support you as a blogger. Thank you for being part of my community as well :)

    1. Maybe you're not as active as you'd like, but you're definitely a part of my little community.

      You have such good quality content and a very good track record with your blog. A little inactivity now and again isn't a problem.

      Thank you for appreciating my content. Good luck with school. You got this, just keep going!

  6. Interesting thoughts! I've been blogging for 9 years and the blogosphere has certainly change as more people keep coming and some have left for easier platforms such as instagram...
    But I keep meeting wonderful people in here :)
    have a great weekend!

    1. It's a wonderful and most often very support place!
      A lot of people leave but many arrive which means it's an ever-changing place to be in- which is great!


  7. 9 years is definitely something to be proud of!Congratulations! That's inspiring.

    That's true. The people here are uplifting and positive, always at the ready to help a fellow blogger in need.

    Thank you for your comment!

  8. I definitely feel a community here. I always have. But I do have to say that since the beginning of my blogging experience a few years ago, I have seen a massive decline. In general, I don't see as much communication going on as I have in the past. Maybe that's because we've all grown busier. Or maybe it's because we've run out of things to say.
    Either way, I'm so glad to be a part of the blogging community. It has certainly brought a light into my life that I feel like I was missing before. And no matter how many or how few of us there are, I feel like we can all come together in the end.

    - Jo

    1. I wish I could have been around to experience what this previous community must have been like. Although, I am happy in the current blogging environment that I find myself in. I'm baffled at what could have caused this decline- could it really be that people just got too busy? It's a great question!

      I agree 100% with your last bit; This community, no matter how small, can come together.

  9. I agree so much. The blogger community is such a wonderful, loving, caring community, and it's rare to find anyone who isn't completely kind and respectful in all of their content. And it continues to keep expanding and growing new bloggers, even though it's maybe not as popular as some other social media platforms. I love this post :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you agree with what I've said. It may not be as popular as other media, but I think what it lacks in popularity, it makes up for in the personal aspects of people's lives, when they share a post.

  10. I like that spots and I agree the. bloggers get no community can be very supportive!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Faisal. I appreciate you leaving your thoughts behind.

  11. Hello,
    I have loads of thoughts and opinions on the blogging community which I would like to share with you - but first I wanted to give you some post ideas!
    *A post about all of the places you have ever called home
    *Perhaps a post about a reader debate on blogging communities and the advantages/disadvantages
    Anyway... blogging helps us all in so many ways because it helps you make more contacts which you could use for your benefit in the future, and it could really help with writing, photography and computing skills too!
    Most bloggers are kind and write nice posts and comments - but I never allow my comments to be written and published straight away - the safety and security of myself, my blog and it's readers is important, so I make sure that all my comments are checked by another person before I check them, and eventually publish them.
    Feel free to leave comments on my latest posts... I would really appreciate more readers stopping by to share their thoughts too, so if you can, please recommend my blog to kind, appropriate bloggers/ people who have commented on your blog positively in the past!
    Thanks so much Steph for all of your amazing posts!
    ^U^ ^U^ ^U^ ^U^

    1. Thank you for your long and interactive comment, Anael. These are some of my favourite comments to read!

      Thanks for your post ideas. I really like your first one!I do have a longer-than-average list of places that I call home.

      Blogging is great for building all types of connections- and with many different people. Also, as you said, it's great for developing various skills.

      Wow, you go through quite the process for comments. I'm a lot more free and open. I have yet to have a bad experience in the comment section- usually amazing and supportive individuals write back and comment. However, I'm open to criticism if it's with the intention of helping and not hurting.

      Thank you for your opinions on the blogging community, Anael! Always appreciated!

  12. So true. Honestly, when I started blogging, I couldn't have imagined how supporting blogging community is. Some of people who I interact the most with have helped me so much and they don't even know it. It's great to do something we love and also have the proper recognition and support for it!

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

    1. The blogging community impresses me more today than it did when I wrote this post.
      It's incredible to be a part of this community who constantly support and uplift one another.

      Lovely words!

    2. Terrific post right here. You've hit the nail on the head.
      "The large number of bloggers can only be testament to our confidence as a generation."

      That says it all.

    3. Thank you so much, Kal!
      I still think that's so true!

      I'm glad you relate to the post.


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