9 February 2017

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Studying Abroad II Guest Post

Guest Post

Hi there everyone, for this post, I'm handing over my virtual keyboard to my blogging buddy, Cecile. This is both mine and Cecile's first guest posts so do be kind and give us some love. If you'd like to see what I did when I got hold of Cecile's blog, then please follow the link here. Enough about me. Here's Cecile.

Hello, my name is Cecile and I’m from the blog Wednesday 19th. Today I have the pleasure to share one of my posts on Steph’s blog. I’ll take this opportunity to talk about my experience of studying abroad. Steph has also written a post on a similar topic that you can go and check out on my blog so make sure you head over to my page after you finish reading this!

When anyone asks me about my experience studying abroad I always say “It was the best year of my life”, and it was. There were better days than others, but overall, I wouldn’t change it for anything. However, I think that you need to be aware of a few things before deciding to move to another country to study.
The following are a few things I think you should consider before studying abroad. All of them will be followed by questions that you can ask yourself to see if you are “suitable” or “prepared” to take this step:

#1 You will spend a lot of time on your own, mostly at the beginning of your stay, since you won’t know anyone there yet. Use this time to reflect and enjoy your own company, and believe me, you’ll get to know yourself a lot during these spare hours. Would you be able to handle this kind of loneliness? 

#2 Learn to let go. Don’t let anything back home hold you from enjoying your time abroad. I’m not saying that you can’t keep in touch with people you love, just make sure that you don’t get isolated by just focusing on your “previous life” if that makes sense. What is the longest time that you have been away from home? How do you deal with being homesick?

#3 You need to manage your money properly. Your parents won’t be there paying for your expenses. Even if you’re staying in a host family, you’ll need to get serious with your cash and spend it wisely. At the beginning, it can be a mess, but you’ll eventually become better at it, just make sure you don’t waste too much money in the process J. You need to consider that the place you go to may have a different living standard compared to that of your native country, therefore, you will have to adjust your budget to that. Have you got enough money to live in another country? How good are you at spending your money? Do you see yourself living in a budget? Are you willing to look for a job in the place you’ll be going to?

#4 Keep a journal. This is something I wouldn’t consider “advice”, but I really recommend you to have a notebook (or a blog) to write down everything you’re learning and how you are feeling during your exchange. You will love to look back and read the anecdotes from your overseas travels. I used to write once a week and I finished two notebooks. Now I enjoy sitting down, looking through them and seeing how all the memories come back. 

   #5 Try to stay as healthy as possible. I don’t want to be a party pooper, but you’re very likely to put on some weight. Your diet will change, and that’s completely fine because you’ll get to try different meals, however, it’s not that appealing when after two or three months, you see that you’re 3kg heavier. Get to know your body and don’t freak out if you do put on some weight, it’s completely normal. Make sure you have a healthy lifestyle and in case you go a bit too far, don’t worry either, because as soon as you go back home and take up your routine, your body will naturally stabilize. Are you picky about new foods? How does your body adapt to different types of food/ meal preparations?

This is all for today! I hope you found the post helpful and please, let me know in the comments if you have ever studied abroad and where did you go. Feel free to share some advice as well, I always like to hear from you. 

Over on Cecile's blog, I wrote about the process involved with studying overseas. Head on over to Cecile's blog (here) to see what tips and advice I offer to people studying abroad. 

If you'd like to do a guest post with me, then please do get in touch. I really enjoyed this process and look forward to doing it again.

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  1. These are some great tips! I am almost finished college so unfortunately I won't have the chance study abroad. I'm not sure if it would suit me either. The first time I got homesick was at Irish college when I was 16 and I'd only been three days away from home. Since then though I have lived on my own for three months and been abroad many times and haven't been homesick.
    Studying abroad would be a fantastic experience and I applaud anyone who has the courage to do that!

    1. Thanks so much for the comment, Marian!
      You could always do a postgraduate overseas...or alternatively just end up living in another country one day.

      So, you're a real 'home-body' then? It's understandable, feeling homesick. But, you conquered it in the end! I'll be studying overseas...but not living alone. Now, THAT is commendable!

  2. aww it's a nice collaboration, I love both blogs <3
    Studying abroad must be a big opportunity to know another country and culture, and a big challenge. I always wanted to have this experience, but it isn't affordable for me, at least for the moment...

    1. Hi Cilia!

      Thanks for stopping by once again!
      I'm so glad you enjoy both of our blogs.

      You're right about it being an opportunity. Often people take studying abroad as a luxury and don't see how lucky they are...which is unfortunate.

      You can always end up living abroad (one day) or travelling to your heart's (and pocket's) content.

      I hope you get the opportunity one day, Cilia!


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