30 January 2017

Disabled Parking Rant

You don't know this about me...and I don't think I'm going to go into too much detail about it either, at least not today. It is a big aspect of my life and a topic which I know needs to be written about someday, but similarly, I know that that day is not today. I have a quadriplegic sister and if I had a 'most important things in life' list, she'd rank very, very highly on it.

For countless yearly cycles, I have driven around public areas scouting out the usually yellow painted symbols, on the conventionally gray mall parking floors, closest to the entrance of a building. And, to be fair, there have hardly been moments where bays aren't open. However, now and again, a car parks in this 'prime spot' to satisfy their able-bodied convenience (and although the driver or passengers are never in the car to verify their ability status, it's just an innate feeling that wells up inside of me, with an inkling that this car should not be in this designated parking bay) Maybe it's the lack of a disabled sticker that affirms my inklings)

Some nights ago, after exiting a casino after a lovely dinner with my family (no gambling, I promise), a male in his early 20s, driving daddy's plate-less silver and half a million rand car wanted to scoop in on our rightful parking bay as we left it. I had the sudden urge to shout. My heart quickened to a thump. My eyes became vicious and strength only equal to Hercules' compelled the movements of my body. Don't worry, despite my vehement desire to leap from the car and shout, my parents held me back. Sure, I could be the judgmental imbecile here, but the driver looked eager to spin the roulette wheel and pull down the leavers at the slot machines, as opposed to spinning the wheels of his wheelchair.

Here's my plea: If you drive now, or one day find yourself behind the steering wheel, with sweat racing down your brow and scrambling for a parking bay and you see an open disabled parking bay. please, with all the beating chambers of my heart have respect for disabled individuals and drive straight past it. Respect their purpose. From experience, they make a world of a difference to those who are 'different' in the world.

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  1. Hi Steph, I totally agree with you. There was a campaign in Italy (I think) regarding this topic which said something like: "If you want my parking place, get my disability too".

    love from,

    xx Cecile // www.wednesday19th.blogspot.com

    1. I think I may just go and look up this campaign!
      That's a good sign.

  2. I have always felt the same way! Some people are very rude :(

    The same goes for schools and businesses that are not built to welcome people with disabilities. I mean its 2017....

    1. It's just inconsiderate!

      Good point! Schools and businesses could also 'up their game', globally!


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