5 January 2017

How to Make The Perfect Cup of Tea

If you're anything like me, then you love a good cup of tea. I don't claim to be a tea-making expert, however, I have over a decade of experience in this department, which (in my very professional opinion) means that my trials and tribulations in the tea making world have led to the perfect tea triumph. 

Step 1:
Bring out the kettle, pour some tap water into it (enough water for about 4 teas...because this tea is going to be that perfect) and leave the water to boil until the kettle starts tooting and steam comes shooting.

Step 2: 
This is probably the most important step...so don't get it wrong. Find the mug that is dotted with your 3rd grade squiggles or the mug that says 'Best Mom in the World'- you know which one I'm talking about, right? Bring out your favourite mug before moving on.

Step 3:
When was the last time you made a cup of tea? I hope your answer was 'this morning'. However, when was the last time that you made a cup of tea in a tea pot? I bet your answer wasn't 'this morning'. We're so busy rushing off from one thing to the next that we don't take the time for our tea bags to soak in a tea pot. I promise the tea will taste different. Grab a tea pot- any kind will do (maybe leave your mom's fine china alone) - and add 2-3 tea bags inside.
  Disclaimer: This is where I let you deviate a bit so you end up making your perfect tea...and not mine. My perfect tea is a brand called 'Five Roses' or alternatively a Roiboos tea. Yours is most likely something different. Pop in your mango and peach or chocolate and berry tea bags ( or any other tea that takes your fancy). Leave it in the boiled water, in the tea pot for about 5 minutes. No need to stir. Sit back, twiddle your thumbs and relax. Let the teabag slowly diffuse, like a swim on a Sunday morning, into the cooling water.

Step 4:
Pour the now golden brown liquid state from the tea pot into that favourite mug that we spoke about earlier. Fill it up. Keep going. Perfect!

Step 5:
Bring out a milk jug- AKA the small dainty looking glass that's probably been hiding at the back of your cupboard for as long as you've been born. Pour some milk into it (that hopefully isn't as old as you). Go on to pour milk into your mug. Remember I said finding the perfect mug was the most important step to making the perfect tea? I lied. You need to put in the perfect amount of milk- not too much and not too little. You need to be like Goldilocks here-- picky! The perfect tea colour should look like the beach on a summer's day with not a ripple at sea. The perfect tea colour should be like love at first sight. You'll know it when you see it... and it feels right.
Disclaimer: Feel free to use whatever milk you generally use- low fat, skim milk or coconut milk...the choice is absolutely yours!

Step 6:
My perfect tea involves sugar...not a lot of it, just one, unevenly heaped teaspoon of light brown sugar. That's right, you guessed it, here's another disclaimer: I personally love sugar in my tea (not always, but on most days). I think sugar goes a long way to brighten up my mood...ah, I mean the tea. You can choose to use sweeteners or white sugar or no sugar at all. You should channel your inner (or not so inner) Goldilocks here, and find the one that is "just right" for you.

Step 7:
Gently, give your delicious concoction a little swirl- emphasis on the word 'little'. You don't want your mug full of utter genius and goodness going everywhere but inside your mug. Keep it short and light.

Step 8: 
Depending on the day, your mood and the weather this next step could change. Venture outside, to the terrace, the roof or to the warmth and comfort of your bed (and the fairy lights) and sip your cup of tea. Enjoy it.

Step 9 (optional):
The last step (and my personal favourite) is to find your cuddle buddy, which in my case is Kitty, and take a moment to pet them, give them love and remember to take life one sip and at a time

 Final Disclaimer: This is my cup of tea (pun intended) it may not be yours.


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