4 December 2016

My Hour with a Stranger

Two days ago, myself and a group of friends were geared for a night out; My personal choice of attire for the evening was black leggings with a small gold zipper which runs longitudinally on either side of my calves, a grey, striped spaghetti-strapped top which I 'borrowed' from my sister's cupboard and made to fit with the help of two safety pins and all completed with my short-medium length hair down and my face dashed with the little skill of make-up which my skill set allows- namely, bass, blush and mascara. I thought this last night would be like most other nights out at this week-long festival- I could not have been more wrong.

The night started off the same way as every other: pre-drinks at our holiday apartments before heading out to the festival. Just like every other night, I was sober and my friends weren't. Jade, a pseudonym for all purposes of anonymity, over-consumed on a transparent alcohol, which I later learned was 'Red Square Vodka'. Jade was smashed! At some point- early on in this eventful night- she was spread out on the white marble floor of our apartment's patio exclaiming how excited she was for the night ahead. Not a single hour later, as my friends and I meandered out, Jade subtly whispered "Guys, I think I should stay home." I was impressed. Jade had the sensibility to stay at home in her drunken state.

A few moments later, after walking over and propping her into bed, a mixture of green and yellow with hints of asparagus and other vegetables (indicating her vegetarian diet) spewed out of her mouth, mottling the achromatic, clean white sheets beneath her. This was only the beginning of what was to come. I raced to a neighboring flat, who just so happened to have the door ajar, and asked for some help in moving my tall, well-built friend over to the bathroom- just a few meters away from the now dis-coloured bed- as my small, lanky body could not do alone. Jade was a sight to behold. Cathy and her boyfriend James, my new acquaintances and neighbours from across the yellow, brick-layered wall helped me lift Jade and drag her to the bathroom. Her hands hung loosely at her side whilst her cheek indented the toilet seat. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead, her nose and her check, before racing down her rosy, flushed face. Just then, she vomited again- completely missing the area of the rectangular toilet bowl and vomited off to her side and onto her unaware hand. There were so many hazards around; I was sure, if Jade wasn't going to die by alcohol poisoning, it would be a death by choking or head injury.

The small space which Jade found her self: placed between the open cupboard with several shelves behind her, the porcelain bowl of the toilet in front of her and the solid, slippery marble tile beneath her left a vast array of hazards with which to injure herself. James and Cathy had left and I was alone. Jade had to be moved somewhere safer, but I found myself unable to do so. My heart began to race and I could feel myself getting hot. I had to do something. I decided to call the 'Red Frogs' - which is an organisation overlooking this particular festival, consisting of volunteers who care for drunk people, offer friendship and guidance and make pancakes for those who are hungover. I tried to open the festival's app, to get the call centre's number, but of course due to Murphy's law my app froze. I could feel the panic in me starting to rise. A wave of calm rushed over me when I remembered that by luck, just the day before, I had seen my friend whom I haven't seen in a long time- and not friends with on Facebook anymore- leave my apartment building. She was a 'Red Frog' volunteer. Hence, in a last ditch effort and a moment of panic I resorted to finding her on Facebook and using Facebook Messenger to call her. She answered and I haven never been more grateful for a person answering a call than I was in that moment.

After 10 minutes, Brave Brandon jumped to my rescue. Brandon is short with a lean, strong build and a fully shaven head. After initial introductions And some grunting and moaning- both on our part and by Jade- she was placed back on the clean side of the bed, but only for a short while. 30 seconds later, vomit of the same green-yellow fusion spewed out once again.

After securing Jade, Brandon stayed with me for an hour. We spoke about what felt like everything with some but little bouts of awkward silence. We found similarities and differences between our lives and found commonality in places and experiences which we could both relate to. We shared awkward moments of laughter, jokes and stories which had we not been strangers, we probably would not have shared with one another. It's weird, but I think I had a better time having a meaningful conversation with a complete stranger than I would have if I had gone out partying like I had intended earlier that night. Sometimes, it's funny to think about how things work out.

As the hour drew to a close, I walked Brandon to the door with full knowledge that in all likeliness, I would never see him again, and Jade would never know the man who was there for her in her time of need. I shut the door and he walked away as so much more than the two strangers we had been just one hour before.

Jade woke up the next day and I explained the whole night to her...and what a night it was indeed!

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