2 December 2016

My 'Christmas Ship'

As I write this,  I overlook the Indian Ocean with several beams of light radiating from the anchored ships at sea.  I'm on holiday with a couple of friends to celebrate our finishing of high school.  A light breeze covers my body- and gently rocks the hammock beside me as I hear the crashing and roaring of the waves just below. Life is good.

This last year has been a tough one.  Sitting here- after what feels like the calm after a very tumultuous storm- makes this past year worth it.  As the ocean draws back and flings itself forwards,  I can't help but be proud of how far I've come this year- and proud to be at the point that I'm at- with not one single deadline in sight.

Whatever point that you're at now  take a moment to sit under the stars- without technology- and reminisce at how far you've come.  Some will have taken larger steps,  and some smaller,  but few take a moment to appreciate the lengths that they have already travelled- like me.

The year is drawing to a close signified by Christmas trees and Thanksgiving dinners. Like the darkness and mystical stars which surround me signifying the end of another day,  I cannot help but marvel at the beauty which I have eluded from, this past year. School-focussness and my suburban city that ticks against the regimented concept of time hasn't offered me a moment like now.

I sit observing what my friend and I have deemed a 'Christmas Ship', an island-like mass adorned with glistening lights off in the distance with lights all along the hull- it's beautiful.  Skyfall beats out from my magenta JBL speaker (a birthday gift from my gran) and I am content.  For the first time in a long time,  I'm content.

I really wish I could bundle this moment up and send it to you in the post.  Take a moment to sit outside and appreciate life.  Even if you have to look out into the obscure darkness,  I hope you find your 'Christmas Ship'- which offers you warmth,  love and comfort- as its presence has offered me tonight.

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