31 December 2016

My 2016

I don't know how this happens so swiftly every year, but in a blink of an eye, we're back to seeing out one year and welcoming in a new one. Since 31/12/2013 I have done my bit of reflection of the years that have left me, and now, I intend to do the same for 2016. 

In 2016, I learnt to grow as a person.
As a person, I think I have grown the most over this past year. I think several factors contributed to this: my last year of high school, 'ending' my 13 years of learning the violin, and establishing my values in the midst of it all. Academically, 2016 has been the toughest (and most rewarding) year of my schooling career thus far. At so many different point in the year things just got too tough, and pressure- mostly from myself to perform- became excruciating. However, in the most un-narcissistic way possible, I am proud of what I achieved and what I came to learn about myself.

In 2016, I established my core values.
In 2016, I further established and cemented my core values as a person. I don't claim that all of them are'set in stone'  but many of my former 'gray areas' have materialized into black and white. This has made my life easier and helped me to become a more assertive individuals--which is a 'must' for the career path that I am ensuing.

In 2016, I learnt how to love...and then un-love.
I mean the word 'love' in the broadest sense of the word: New and old friends were made and lost, long-lasting habits left and new habits formed and some hobbies hobbled out of my life whilst new ones made me feel like home. I decided to hang up my goggles and racing gear in the pool which shattered my heart, but I learnt to love the calm of training for the love of training. Similarly, I hung up my bow and strings, after playing the violin for 13 years- but played in my school's orchestra. My 16 year-strong habit of biting my nails was officially broken- this is a habit I proudly 'loved' and now 'unlove'

In 2016, I learnt to have self-belief.
Early on in 2016, the trust and faith in myself was compromised. Through the support of others and a lot of self-love, I emerged unscathed and stronger.

In 2016, I learnt what I want to do with the rest of my life.
I'm very very excited to be studying Journalism next year. I'm a very curious person who is very interested in how the media works with news stories and how people's perception of the media has changed.

2016 in Review

In my blog post, last year, about the same topic as I find myself writing about today, the new year, I had these wishes for 2016.
I did end up starting the year on a clean slate. It actually led to my first date, getting rid of a sour friendship and starting a new one. 
I mentioned earlier in this post how "I learnt to have self-belief" this year, I think this is in large part due to trusting myself.
Honestly, I probably could have done a lot better when it came to this one. However, 2017 is looking calmer, so it's okay. All my hard work and stress has paid off and now it's time to play!
In 2017, I look forward to a calmer year than 2016, in terms of school. In September, I will start my first year of university...in a country several thousand kilometers from where I am right now. I am so excited about discovering the crannies of a new city and new people... with killer accents (if I do say so myself). My wish for this coming year is to spend more time on my blog and really take the time and effort to produce posts that I am 100% proud of when I press 'publish'. If I gained more followers, that would just be a cherry on top of my creamy,  Social Spying cake.

My theme for 2017 is Make A Difference (Notice my use of the word 'theme' as opposed to 'resolution'- I stopped those long ago). I'm not sure in which aspect of my life this difference will come, but I hope it is in a space that I enjoy being in. I would really enjoy giving back to others in someway or making  a small but significant impact on someone in this world.

From the bottom of my pumping heart, I wish you everything of the best...and then so much more for the next 365 days that are to follow. To you and yours, I hope you have a year filled with an abundance of love, health and everything that is good and right in this world.


For a look on my take of last new year, I decided to venture off paper and onto the inter web... onto this very blog. My hopes for this past year can be found here.

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