24 December 2016

Craft I Restaurant Review

Craft- Parkhurst, South Africa

Did you even go to Craft, in Johannesburg, if you didn't get the photograph of the milkshake to prove it? Nope. Since the opening of the originally Australian chain, in South Africa, my Instagram feed has frequently been graced with the presence of these mega, multi-coloured, milkshake monstrosities. I called up some friends of mine, just yesterday, and we decided to see if these #OhShakes (formerly known as #FreakShakes) taste as good as they look.

There are 3 options when it comes to these decadent delights:  The Candy Feast, The Chocolate Overload and the Salted Caramel Delight. And, my goodness! They are indeed a feasty overload of absolute delight! 

Being a lover of all things caramelized, condensed milk and cheesecake, I'll let you guess which option I ventured for...the Salted Caramel Delight. The salty-tasting, intertwining, convoluted network of caramelized goodness perched on top of the slice of cheesecake complemented the sweetness of the under layers of  overflowing cream, then white vanilla ice cream fused with condensed milk underneath. 

However, the excitement of the ice-cream, personally, did not do the actual taste justice. The vanilla flavoured ice-cream was quite plain and unexciting to my vanilla-sensitized taste buds. The presentation offered my eyes an experience. My taste buds weren't offered the same as I neared the ice cream.

My friend devoured the rainbow coloured Candy Feast which seemed appropriate for the summer's day in the ever sunny South Africa. Her dazzling delight was dotted with an array of colours that resembled a rainbow. The surrounding board was speckled with sprinkles which brought to mind the celebratory party popper emoji (🎉). The candy floss clouds and sherbet sticks called for the remembrance of childhood, fairs and amusement parks infused with the maturity of rose coloured cream drizzled in strawberry syrup with the same syrup and vanilla ice-cream underneath. I personally did not try this milkshake (or the third flavour, the Chocolate Overload) myself, but I have it on good accord that it was absolutely delicious!

Tis was almost the day before Christmas when we popped in for an #OhShake and still the restaurant was packed to the brim, just managing to declare the last table ours. The tables are in such close proximity, it was very easy to be apart of the conversation to our left (which largely consisted of swearing) and to our right which was a couple, presumably out on a date. The manager, who greeted us after being seated, our waiter and staff were so friendly and inviting. I would definitely go again- this time for the enticing food (which I could almost taste from my table neighbours).

I can officially say that I went to Craft...and I've got the photos to prove it.

Where to find them:
Craft restaurant offers so much more beyond milkshakes, too. If you'd like to experience this hipster, alternative yet cozy ambiance for yourself you can find them at 33 4th Avenue and 13th Street, Parkhurst, Johannesburg, South Africa or alternatively at www.craftrestaurant.co.za . 


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