14 October 2016

Exam Takeover

People always say to 'write about what you know'. As of this moment, I could tell you all about the hormones which are secreted by the anterior pituitary gland through releasing factors. If that doesn't please you, I could tell you how  'Fleming's left hand motor rule' could help your electromagnetism or maybe how you could work out your monthly payments (with two interest changes) on a future value annuity, if you'd prefer. In case it's unclear... I've been studying for my exams.

The South African system of schooling is a bit different from European systems in that we finish our school year in December... which also means exam time. These upcoming exams not only signal the end of my 2016 academic year, but also the end of my high school career.  These exams are fundamentally the culmination of 12 years of sitting in a classroom.

My creative juices are slowing down to a trickle, hence, I'll be taking a break from blogging.

I'll re-surface at the end of November (Side note: As I wrote that sentence, my brain just re-routed through the difference between a dash and a hyphen... that's when I know that I'm in study mode).

Till then-
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