2 September 2016

I Don't Really Know My Facebook Friends...

I sat in my design classroom this morning, pondering which direction I wanted to steer my next design project towards. After some time, I settled on the topic of overweightness and obesity. After further pondering on the topic, two cups of tea, and  a lot of research into the causes,treatments and prevention tactics, I started creating a survey. I created a survey for my Facebook friends. This is when I found out, that maybe, I've been using the term 'friends' too strongly.

My survey consisted of 8 question, ranging from the anonymous participant's height, age and weight to more personal questions like "Do you consider yourself overweight?" or "Is there a relationship between your weight and your self-esteem?". Truthfully, I was very surprised by the answers to the latter of the two above questions. I expected most people to simply respond with "yes" along with an impersonal short explanation. Seven out of thirty respondents replied with "no". I had wrongly assumed that all participants would say that there was an indirect relationship (as the one increases, the other decreases) between their self-esteem and their weight.

However, there was a very interesting reply to the question "Is there a relationship between your weight and your self-esteem?". Someone replied that "ever since I was little I was chubby because I have a slow metabolism because of a genetic thyroid condition and I've been bullied for being overweight so I don't know what I am anymore." This reply stuck out for me. I had posted the link to this survey on Facebook, hence, this reply came from a Facebook friend of mine. I know this person in real life, yet I have no idea who they are and the struggles they have had to face.

Besides educating me on overweightness/obesity demographics and psycho-graphics, I've been reminded never to judge people. We truly have no idea what other people are going through. This has been a well-learnt lesson for me to remember to really take time to talk to people and make them feel appreciated, and also to judge less.

That's possibly a lesson we can all take away from this.

If you'd like to see all 8 questions and possibly fill out the survey for yourself, follow this link:

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