16 July 2016

A Peek Into My Past

Lately, I've had some trouble falling asleep- not every night, and not all the time, but, during exam time, my thoughts are over-active and the night does nothing to shut my eyes. 
Hence, a couple of nights ago my thoughts wondered to a box I once had as a little girl. I had almost completely forgotten about this box, or so I had thought until my insomniatic thoughts brought it back to me.

When I was a little girl, I put all my favourite possessions into a Blackberry cellphone box, and this is its content:

I opened the small, white cardboard box and gently picked out my memories from over a decade ago:

1) My parents came home one day from an exhibition once with these cotton-wool, cylindrical-shaped objects. I marveled at the thought that if I placed these objects in water, they would 'grow' and become cloths. Hence, that's exactly what I did. I though these were the most spectacular 'wet-wipes' in the world.

2) I was on holiday in Greece, about 7 or so years ago when I meandered into a stationary shop. I found this eraser in a store. I had never seen an eraser which was not-white and not plain. This was awe-inspiring to me. I remember not wanting to use it because I was afraid it would ruin it.

3) This box was apart of a gift from a friend, in Fourth grade. I don't remember what had been in the box, but I thought the fusion of pinks and yellows was beautiful- and to this day, I agree.

4) One Sunday, my parents took us to a property with mounds of sand as high as Mount Everest (to a six year old). My siblings and I spent the day scouring these mounds. I came across this stone which glistened in a way I had never seen a stone sparkle before. I ran to my dad and he explained in the way a Biomedical Engineer would explain the process of crystal formation to an eight year old. I had truly believed that I had 'struck gold'...eh...I mean crystals.

5) I went on a family holiday to Durban where I found these stones. I think at the time, I had found them wet. Hence, in order to recreate them to the standard which I had first discovered them I needed some saliva.
I marveled at the beauty of the conglomeration of orange and the red, and then the granite-like form of the brown stone whilst the regular white line across another stone separated the grainy pink and off-white colours perfectly. The last stone reminded me of a shoe, and hence made it into Steph's Box of Memories.

6) South Africa has numerous crocodile farms across the country, where one is ale to witness the large reptiles feeding, or giving birth. These farms also provide visitors with information about the large animals. Did you know, that crocodiles have up to 8 sets of teeth- talk about in with the new and out with the old! So, at one crocodile farm, I asked for a tooth...and I got one.

7) I don't remember the exact moment I found this shell, but I vaguely recall it being on one of the main beaches in Durban, the South part of South Africa. I was captured (and still am) by the intricacy of the spiral and undulating forms on the back.

8) This shell was also found in Durban more than half  a decade ago. I was in awe at the contrast between the white and the rich brown colour. I also think that the geometric pattern on the shell is beautiful.

9) This was probably the most recent addition to the box of memories- although these coins were added in five years ago. The two R5 coins have Nelson Mandela's face on them and are limited edition coins which circulated to commemorate a historical occasion in South Africa. I saved these coins because I felt that a coin with Mandela's face on it ( which is not on any of our bank money) would be important historically. In truth, I have no idea how many of these coins were made, but I appreciate that they say something about South Africa's history.

It was lovely ( and nostalgic), meandering through my favourite items- some from a decade ago- and recalling what they are and what they meant to me when I first placed  them into this box- and what they mean to me now.
For now, they're all back in their boxes... where they'll probably remain  for a while more, until insomnia hits me late one night, 10 years from now, and I pull them out again

Do you have an item (or two) which you love dearly? I encourage you to scour your house and resurface those lost treasures which we all have hidden somewhere.

Let me know, in the comments, if you love anything as much as I love these quirky items in my old phone box.

Till next time-

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