10 May 2016

How to Survive Waking Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed

Yesterday morning I woke up half an hour later than I should have. It wasn't because I failed to set my trusty alarm clock, or because I slept through my alarm clock either- I made a conscientious choice to press 'snooze', roll over and cover myself in my soft horizontally-striped felt blanket and continue doing just that...snoozing until I had squeezed out, with both white-knuckled hands, every possible split second I could spare before being late for my first lesson at school.

I tumbled out of the left side of my bed, as per usual. My body was attacked by a cold I had never felt before. My slipper-less toes curled upwards trying to avoid the temperature of the polar wooden floor which decked my bedroom. My eyes unlocked from the comfort of my lower eyelid just enough to reveal ambiguous forms. And, to make matters worse, my brain soon woke up only to remember that it was only Monday.

With a bad mentality and a yearning for the safety of my thermal covers I started my day. After all the necessary were done- and I mean necessary- I left the house for school. I went through every lesson as a body which could easily have been mistaken for that of a zombie- both in sight...and I'm sure in smell. I shuffled from class to class; Mathematics first, then Zulu, then Science with the exception of English where I knew we would continue reading from the novel Tess of D'urbervilles which is on the track to possibly becoming my new favourite book (Sorry, Carlos Ruiz Zafon!). Once the bell sounded and I was introduction to Tess and the 'May-Day Dance' I returned to 'Zombie mode'.

My eyes battled to stay open as time 'supposedly' inched its way forward. By second break I was a walking, blabbering mess! 

My gentle giant of a friend, Katlego,whose name means successful in  Tswana, is a lanky boy in my class always boasting a wide, white smile contrasting his light brown exterior. On the 5 minute walk from Life Orientation to English for the second time that day- which constituted trekking from one side of the school to another- Katlego stretched out both his arms revealing an impressive arm span. I stretched my arms out in a similar pose to see how far I could stretch, whilst still walking the journey to my next subject.

I was noticeably much shorter in stature and consequently in 'wingspan' too. This was when I got the bright idea and mustered up all the voice I could and told my towering friend to run.

"What?" replied Katlego
"Just run" I responded

and with that, one giant and one gnome-sized Steph , in comparison, ran with arms stretched out wide as if we were aeroplanes, altering the angle of our arms as needed to avoid the red brick-faced meandering passages of our school. We flew up the stairs, squeezed through narrow passages and sprinted...I mean flew as fast as we could, navigating through the winding maze-like passages of our high school as pilots in the skies.

The endorphin released into my body from simultaneously running and laughing so hard that lachrymal fluid  spilled out from my eyes miraculously caused me to become bright eyed and bushy tailed once again.

I rolled over and woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, but thanks to a good friend, a great laugh and a bit of playful innocence I was successfully brought back to life.

Maybe that's the secret; Next time you find the grogginess encapsulating your body, grab a friend, stretch out your arms and become human aeroplanes!

It's okay to 'wake up on the wrong side of the bed' once in a while... I'm just going to make sure that from now on I leap from the right side.


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