19 February 2016

Coming Full Circle

Look at us... already into the second month of the year! Congrats!

Five years ago, as a freshman in high school (or, if you're on the grade system, as a grade eight) I went on my very first camp at my new school. The camp was in a mountainous region, in the Magaliesberg, about two hours away from the city.
Seniors and freshman (or grade eights and grade twelves) both came on this camp- very much to the excitement of the grade 8 girls who got to stare at the senior boys). The camp consisted of 'bonding' time between those at the top- and bottom- of the high school 'food chain'. Over my whole high-school career, I always looked to that camp as a very happy memory in my life. It was the place that I learned the new names of ninety new faces and made the friends who would support me through the next five years of my life.

Five years ago, we made toilet-paper brides of the senior boys A.K.A throwing toilet-paper onto and around their muscular bodies until they somewhat resembled a bride. It was at this camp where I was saved by my crush, Superhero Nicholas, from being hurled into the pool, in my clothes and all, by a group of my peers. we swam and at the end (much to the dismay of the freshman girls)  had to ask a senior out on a date (which basically entailed a group of three girls to one senior guys, paper plates and a good ol' patch of grass-quite romantic, right?). I remember 'going out' with a guy named, for all purposes of anonymity, Just Jono. Myself, the 'Double Duo' (again, for all purposes of anonymity) and Just Jono sat on this patch of dried-out highvelt grass and we spoke and laughed (about nothing) for hours!

When I boarded the bus, five years ago, to go back home after the camp, I had so many hopes, dreams and expectations of what high school would be like. I was so excited.

This year, in 2016, I returned to this mountainous camp for what was the second time in my life...but this time, I was the senior. We played all the games that five years ago, we had played with our group of seniors. AND, this time, I was a TP (toilet paper) groom, accompanied by a ever-so-handsome TP bride.

I realized early on, that I had come full circle. I had returned to a place or rather to a place that held such dear memories to me. It reminded me of Steph, five years ago. It also brought back my hopes and expectations which Steph, five years ago, had for high school.

I came to a realization which matter a factly, rather disappointed me. I haven't changed that much- as a person, I mean.Yes, I've grown taller, removed my braces but I feel I haven't changed much as an individual. I found myself returning to a place as the exact same person who boarded that bus five years previously. But, maybe that's my subjective adolescent opinion.

Either way, I came full circle that weekend.

Till next time-


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