27 February 2016

Are We REALLY Single?

I know I've missed the Valentine's boat but hear me out:

You're not in a relationship? Great! Neither am I... but, does that make us single? If I asked any of my friends this question, chances are they would think I'm mad and then answer with a simple and confused "yes?" Well, folks, I'm here to tell you that they'd be wrong.
The word single is always associated with being (or not being) in a relationship BUT, here's my theory:


19 February 2016

Coming Full Circle

Look at us... already into the second month of the year! Congrats!

Five years ago, as a freshman in high school (or, if you're on the grade system, as a grade eight) I went on my very first camp at my new school. The camp was in a mountainous region, in the Magaliesberg, about two hours away from the city.
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