4 January 2016

New Year New Me... NOT!

The 31st of December marks the end of the year for most people. Yes, not all as you may assume- there's something called a Julian calendar and then a Gregorian calendar. I feel compelled to write a post to end off the year- a full stop at the end of a sentence if you will. So here I am, crossing my I's and dotting my T's.

I love the idea of a new beginning or a fresh start. I think many do. The New Year always comes with New Year’s resolutions, new hopes and dreams as well as new obstacles or hills. I promise this post will not be about any of those. However, I do find a certain importance in looking back to move forward, like many design and art movements did. Important lessons can be found when we look backwards although with full intention of moving forward. I'm not going to bore you with my reflections. I'll do that offline but I do want to tell you some things:

Firstly, start 2016 on a clean-ish slate. You owe it to yourself to forgive those who may have wronged you and to move on. Get some stain-remover and wipe away negative people from your life. I promise it will make a world of a difference. It has to me, recently.

Secondly, you need to trust yourself. Trust the person you are now and the person you are aspiring to be. You are the person you spend most of your time with and talk to 24/7. Have some faith in yourself. You are capable of achieving some pretty incredible things.

Lastly, have fun. We get so wound up in the year about things which at the end don't seem to matter. I'm not saying don't stress, but don't stress the small stuff which seems big at the time... if that makes sense. 

I don't promise in the New Year to gym more or become the kindest person ever who promises to clean my room every day and get up before the sun (although these would all be very nice)!

My hope for the next 365 days is that I simply take 365 chances.

Do you have any hopes for 2016, or any challenges you'd like to overcome in the New Year?

Till next time-



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