16 December 2015

A fleeting Moment

I stumbled across a statistic page on Blogger a couple of days ago. I was excited to find that someone in Poland, the Ukraine and  the U.S.A reads what I write. So to all of you Halo, Здравствуйте and hello. I really hope the Ukrainian one is correct. I know Google translate isn't the most accurate of translating services, but I'm going to trust it on this one. But, in the event that I have just sweared at you and your family; I'm sorry.

I'm always going on and on and on about doing things one doesn't want to do, with awareness that I mean this within safe and reasonable boundaries. Anyways, yesterday, my uncle called me up and asked me if I wanted to go for waffles. Um, YES! What kind of person says no to waffles? So, off we went to a busy shopping center, at the busiest time of the year and with everyone on holiday now, I was bound to 'bump' into someone from school or encounter swarms of teenagers. Now, you must know something about myself: I don't dress-up and put make-up on for most occasions-going for waffles definitely isn't one of them. Which brings me back to my statement of doing things or going places which you do not want to do or go to. I didn't want to go to the busy mall- because that meant plastering myself with make-up, but the idea of warm waffles with cream was too tempting.

Writing that second last sentence makes me realize something... I'm not as confident as I thought I was, and I think I have anxiety when it comes to walking among people, as myself- with out make-up on. Now's a good time to mention that I have acne too.

My uncle treated me to a waffle with two mountains of cream drizzled in chocolate and maple syrup sauce. It was spectacular! Afterwards, with a happy tummy, we walked around the large, marble-tiled mall. 

I was scanning the crowd for potential acquaintances from whom I could hide from when my eye landed on a girl, about my age, with dip-dyed ombre hair, white long pants and a gray top. Immediately it clicked. I knew this girl. She looked at me and down again to the floor and immediately back up when she realized she knew me too. She smiled a full smile at me and I the same to her.

L (for all purposes on anonymity) and I were friends in third grade, before she moved away. We hadn't spoken since, but in terms of appearance, we still have distinct features which identify us...as,well us.  We both gave each other a knowing smile and walked off in the opposite direction, having spoken no words, but communicating all that needed to be said through a smile.

Maybe, had I put make-up on and hidden my self, L would have looked down and never looked back up. Had I put make-up on maybe I wouldn't have connected with a long lost friend-even if it was for just a moment.

And that ladies and gentleman is why you should always go out or do something you don't want to do; something great could come of it.

Let me know of an instant when you went out of your comfort zone and what came of it.

Till next time-


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