18 December 2015


It's 04:09 am on my side of the world at the moment and I kid you not, I've been awake since about 02:30. It's amazing to discover where one's mind is taken to at ungodly hours of the day, such as now.
Far off in the distance I hear cars or maybe trucks hauling off to perform the day's jobs. More closely, I can hear the high-pitched squeaks of one bird and the long melodious voice of another.

16 December 2015

A fleeting Moment

I stumbled across a statistic page on Blogger a couple of days ago. I was excited to find that someone in Poland, the Ukraine and  the U.S.A reads what I write. So to all of you Halo, Здравствуйте and hello. I really hope the Ukrainian one is correct. I know Google translate isn't the most accurate of translating services, but I'm going to trust it on this one. But, in the event that I have just sweared at you and your family; I'm sorry.

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