30 August 2015

Life is 'perfect'.

I came across an article which truly highlights my purpose for creating this blog. Miranda Athanasiou writes "People are more concerned with proving to the rest of the world that they're having the time of their lives than actually enjoying themselves."

I went to a wedding a couple of weeks ago which again (lucky me!) over looked some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen in my life. The sky was a mixture of warm yellows and oranges which intertwined with  cooler contrasting blues of the Saturday evening sky. A long, rectangular cloud hung in front of the scene, surrounded by other dark grey clouds. All this was then reflected upon the ocean. My dress's colour, directly translated from Greek means 'sappy apple' which in my opinion does not do the rich and warm colour of the strapless,silver studded gown justice. The asymmetrical hem and silver, fake-crystal studded high heels (which in fact were way too high, and came off very early on at the reception) all created the fancy affect that I was aiming for.

I don't know if my words have done the sunset justice, but looking back, I would much rather have countless photographs of that sunset than my appearance. See, whilst scrolling through the camera that evening (who am I kidding? It was 4am when the wedding's festivities had ended) and I found that I had 3 or 4 times more photos of myself than of the actual wedding and picturesque scenery- all in hopes of finding that perfect Facebook profile picture. The whole look, that EXACT look,  could easily be recreated in the span of half an hour- a more unnatural beauty compared to that of the sunset. The sunset was natural- a 'look' that can never be recreated again; The cloud will never hang in that same position again, with the same tints and tones of the warm oranges and yellows with the rays of sunlight in the same position.
P.s In the end, I didn't even get a profile picture for Facebook.
"The asymmetrical hem and silver, fake-crystal studded high heels..."

Athanasiou wrote: "The 27 (more like 52) flawless "night out" pictures are more important than the night itself." And in my 'wedding moment' that could not, unfortunately, have been more true of me.

If you would like to read the full above mentioned article:

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29 August 2015

Having A Down Day?

"The pool virtually overflowed into the ocean."
Let me start off with a story- I mean, who doesn't like a story? I was recently in Greece, on the small yet very beautiful 'island' of Porto Cheli (after thinking this place was an island for the past 9 years, it turns out it is not. It is part of main land Greece) but anyways, back to the story. I was staying with family who just so happened to live in in the most incredible villa seated right upon the sea. The pool virtually overflowed into the ocean. On the last day of my time there we found out that a mutual friend of my cousins' had volunteeringly taken his last breath the night before. He was 22 years old. My one cousin, in shock and disbelief, said "but his Instagram showed a perfectly happy, full-of-life person" and that comment, folks, brings me to the reason for writing this post and in a broader spectrum, this blog.

Most of us live by a double standard. We are one person in real life and another person online- and with the ability to add filters, 'plastic surgery' apps and a greed for likes and followers why wouldn't we. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of benefits in social media- LOTS! Take this very blog post for example. You, reading this, proves my point. Social media is extremely powerful. Back to my point about double standards; we edit ourselves to be thinner, we add filters to be darker, we change the brightness and add contrast to create an image far from reality- me included. I do it too.

Let me ask you a question: Should the 22 year old boy's suicide have come as a surprise? If we allowed our Facebook friends and Twitter followers to share their down days and the days when they woke up and just wanted a nice hot chocolate and a big bear hug, would that suicide have seemed less surprising?

I want to try something for the next 150 days (just because 100 felt too short and 200 too long). I will post my 'down days' on here for people to see. The days when I wake up and things just do not go my way, the moments when I have the biggest fight with my sister and go to bed crying or the disappointment of looking in the mirror and not being happy with the body I have.

Social media has made us highlight the good moments and cast aside the bad, when in reality people have a lot more 'down days' than meet the 'social media eye'. It just becomes difficult when we're only seeing the good and we begin to believe that there is no bad. So, for the next 150 days, here's my bad.

Through these posts, I hope to show people that we're not alone. We all have 'dem down days.

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